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  1. Thank you! I am a research assistant and I take part in multiple research projects. The graduate student who supervised me is very supportive, she has given me a lot of opportunities to be a co-author in her posters. I think you can be more proactive and tell your supervisor you need opportunities to get publications to strengthen your CV; show them that you are hard-working and competent, they usually will be supportive. All the best!
  2. Hello friends! This is my second time applying as well. I'm interested in Clinical Psychology in the Developmental field. I have an honours degree from a Canadian university. The schools I'm interested in are: UWaterloo, OISE, Windsor, SFU, UBC, UVic, McGill, York, and Ryerson. My CGPA is around 3.6/4.0; GRE verbal: 89th percentile, and quant: 79th percentile, writing: 4.5 I was rejected last year because I didn't have enough research experience. I was able to get a few poster presentations and writing up one manuscript, hopefully it can be submitted before the application dead
  3. Hello everyone, I got a SSHRC fellowship, but I had to decline . So, I send an email and let them know why I declined it and also indicated that I will apply for a SSHRC again in the future. I received a reply stating that my decision was received and a copy of the email will be kept in my file. However, when I was reading their reply, I noticed that I made typos in my initial email (like missing a "to"). I am now very panic that these two errors will affect my application in the future when I apply again because this email will be kept in my file. I am probably paranoid... so I checke
  4. Hello Canadian fellows. I'm wondering what do you do after you accepted the offer. Do you email your POI and let him/her know? And then what? waiting for September?
  5. I need to reject an offer, I wonder how you guys have done it to let the POI know that you are sorry that you can't accept the offer and have decided to go somewhere else?
  6. Yes, I got a rejection from Waterloo yesterday, in the email, they also mention if I would like to be considered for the Master of Applied Science (MASc) program in Developmental and Communication Science....
  7. How long did it take for you receive the informal acceptance after the interview?
  8. Hello guys, I'm just wondering whether it's normal for POI to send unofficial acceptance to students?
  9. I know they did interview last week... ... I haven't heard anything from the school yet (no interview invite), so I guess it's going to be a rejection as well. Sigh...... I wonder whether you were interviewed?
  10. Hello guys, I just had an interview this Wednesday. There were 2 of us for one POI, so it seems like we may be competing with each other or maybe both of us will get in... I don't know, our POI didn't tell us how many students he can take in. There is another POI who only invited one student for his lab; I wonder whether it means that student is already admitted and just came and visited the campus? Anyone had similar experience?
  11. Hi Guys, I just got three interviews done! I'm now anxiously waiting for the results and crazily checking my emails every single minute!! I can't help thinking about the mistakes I've made during my interviews! 1. forgot about buying breakfast food for my host family (not sure if it is necessary) 2. answered two questions in a wrong way because I misunderstood the questions 3. not being so energetic in the social day. Overall, I feel everyone was wearing a "smiley mask" during the interview; can't feel too much authenticity... Look forward to h
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