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  1. No problem! Yes there are some special requirements for applying to the DAAD before you have secured admission, but it can be done. I would also recommend talking to someone at your current school in the fellowship/student research department to see if they can help you with your application. Best of luck and if you have any questions about Germany feel free to DM me.
  2. You mentioned being interested in studying in Germany, so I thought I would address that potential. Most German universities are "free," which means that they only charge a student services fee which usually includes a transportation pass. I studied at the University of Hamburg, which was 350 euro/semester, ~120 of which was my metro pass. You may also find that the cost of living is much lower in Germany, with the exception of real estate in large cities like Munich or Hamburg. Even then, there are plenty of affordable places to live. German MA deadlines are usually in the spring, but I
  3. As I mentioned in my original post, I am not opening up my SOP for history programs with this anecdote. No it is not it is not a recent discovery and I would not attempt to suggest it is. There has been a shift in recent years to an ethnography of policing which warrants a discussion in my SOP. I am not telling anyone how to do their job and would never presume to do that. However, engaging with questions of the ethics of fieldwork is something that I have seen in successful SOPs from other Anthro applicants. I am not attempting to "move the needle", but show I am aware of existing debat
  4. The reason I include this incident in my SOP is because I later make the argument that American anthropologists who do research on vulnerable communities need to be attuned to these issues you listed -> leading in to an engagement with the extensive anthropological literature on the topic of surveillance, the role that anthropologists have played in conducting surveillance for governments, etc. It was also one of the early defining experiences of my fieldwork, so why would I not mention it?
  5. I am applying to both Anthro and History PhDs, but taking essentially the same approach: opening short anecdote that (1) shows my experience with fieldwork/archival research & (2) is directly related to my research questions (e.g. in my Anthro anecdote, I talk about how there was a rumor going around my field-site that I was connected to American intelligence agencies; I am studying surveillance and policing) -> go straight into the research questions and current literature (which seems to be more common in Anthro than History, but correct me if I am wrong) -> elaborate on your previ
  6. Thank you for the response! I except to have to develop more language skills regardless of what field I end up in. Thankfully most of the schools I am applying to seem to have rather robust language programs and/or offer funding for language acquisition, summer programs, etc. (I guess it should also be noted that my interest in Spanish is actually more rooted in personal goals than academic lol). I think ultimately the kind of language learning I do in graduate school will be totally dependent on attending a History vs. Anthropology program. For example, I could very well see myself learning,
  7. Hello! I am new to the forum and thought I would pose a question that I don't think has been answered yet: What is the consensus on putting beginner language skills on your application? The conventional wisdom for professional resumes is that anything below professional competency isn't worth getting a line. But when applying to PhDs, I would think that demonstrating self-study would show initiative. But if I am only an novice speaker at the time of applying, is that really worth noting? I know that some PhD apps require proof of competency in two languages upon application, so I am not a
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