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  1. Thanks for this, I will do it. My feedback from two of the programs I got rejected from (which I didn't ask for, by the way..I simply emailed POI's to thank them for the time they had taken to email me) was my application was competitive at Princeton and I made it to the top tier of applicants at Notre Dame.) My interest is specifically how the reorientation of American politics in the 20th century towards the Sunbelt influenced foreign relations and specifically with Latin America (it's a bit of a combo between domestic political/urban history and Foreign relations.)
  2. I've decided to accept my admission into Villanova's MA program
  3. @historygeek Congratulations on the funding? Did you get the tuition scholarship or the Graduate assistantship? I got the tuition scholarship, which is not bad at all.
  4. Really wondering whether Harvard has sent out waitlists already
  5. So five listed Princeton acceptances...we can probably assume they sent all their acceptances
  6. @potsupotsu Well, it looks like in past years they occur over multiple days so ...hope??
  7. Princeton is soon to release its ire or its blessings
  8. Good luck to everyone as this week starts.
  9. I feel like today was a bloodbath of rejections from history programs
  10. Do they have an admitted student's day? @historygeek
  11. @historygeek did you hear anything about funding from Villanova?
  12. @historygeek Congratulations!!!
  13. So the thing I love about this forum is that we are all getting really nervous but are also supportive of eachother
  14. Well, if that's the case, I'm glad I got some acceptances first or this would feel crushing..but who knows.
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