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  1. Hey everyone, as I am seeing that many of you are getting interviews at Columbia, would you mind sharing some info? What field are you applying? I am feeling very anxious right now, I had a feeling that Columbia was my strongest application….
  2. @Imperator Totius Hispaniae no I did not, and I didn’t know they conducted interviews. I have been in contact with 4 professors there and none of them said anything about interviews. So I am quite anxious right now…
  3. Has anyone else had an interview with Columbia?
  4. Same here, never knew UChicago did interviews. None of the professors I spoken to mentioned.
  5. That’s odd, I never knew Columbia did interviews.
  6. Yah, mine is a historical writing sample. However, I was wondering... Would you be able to adapt your previous writing sample? And make it more of a history one? I mean, you have the sources, you conduct 20 interviews. What are they about? Is there any historical aspects in it? Maybe intersections? I suppose (but then again, just a thought)you could select maybe three interviews that contains topics that dialogue between them, and write a new one. Describe what kind of Oral History methodology you are going to use...maybe you follow more of an Alessandro Portelli (that con
  7. Hello, I have another question. In the application forms, they ask which universities I am also applying for. Should I or should I not answer that?
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here, and this year will be my first time attempting to get into a PhD at US. I have recently finished my master's degree. As a matter of fact, I've sent cold e-mails and have had nice responses to it. In fact, I already have some informal Zoom calls set up. And while I think this is great, I have no clue what should I do or say in these meetings. Does anyone have some advice to give me?
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