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  1. Hey Tan, What are your research interests? I dont know much about the UK/Australia, but the University of Auckland (NZ) has a lot of great programs, and they're "ranked" pretty highly internationally. You can either find a project and supervisor first (through the links below or by emailing them directly) or you can submit an application without a supervisor. If you submit without a supervisor, your app will go into a pool that professors can review and choose from. After you have a supervisor, a project, and funding, there are some other little bits and pieces to complete your app, includin
  2. The University of Auckland (New Zealand) has a lot of neat cancer research labs and their PhD applications are processed on a rolling basis. You can start any time of year, so if you can find an opening in a lab, you could potentially start in January. https://www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz/en/sms/about/our-departments/auckland-cancer-society-research-centre.html
  3. Ha! Probably saw you around campus at some point, then. Having options for research groups is nice, but I guess that doesn't help you focus on readings right now. I dont remember much of anything from Organic I/II. I'd try to relate, but I have no idea what I did/did not learn. I guess that may be an indicator that I didn't truly learn anything at all.
  4. Are you from AR or moving to AR for your PhD? I just graduate from UA Fayetteville. I don't see many people on here associated with the state. Do you know the primary focus of your project? I already have a pretty good idea of what I'll be doing, so I've been gathering a ton of papers to start reading. The project is outside of my previous research field, so I have a ton of stuff to learn, though. I've also been using my brother's university ID to access Nature and other journals just to stay caught up with what's going on in the broad science community. I've been struggling to find th
  5. First off, I'd base your International/American status on your citizenship. If you have dual, use your American citizenship to your advantage. Unless, that is, there's a clause in the application agreement/terms and conditions that states this explicitly. Some schools may have specific policies about this. I think your citizenship will be the primary determinant in when you can start here. If you have to apply for a visa, you're likely limited to starting Spring of 2017. I've just had to deal with this in my grad school app. I graduated in May and needed to get my application comple
  6. Sounds like fun to me, but I'm not sure I'd be saying that if I actually had to do it. Ha.
  7. I'm interested in hearing thoughts on this, too. I'm an American moving to New Zealand for grad school, and I assume I'll need to adapt to British spelling/language conventions.
  8. Hey, Ashlee! I feel you on the visa uncertainty. Such a pain!
  9. Great to see some more people posting. Haven't been on in a while; bit busy with finishing up the semester. Got my official scholarship offer and admission last week. Just dealing with visa stuff now. Set to start August 1!
  10. I've had two Skype interviews with professors at international schools. I prepared for both by familiarizing myself with recent publications from their groups (not fully reading everything, but knowing the bases of the papers) and thinking about why I want to work in their groups. I figured there wasn't much that I could do after that. Just have to go with the flow and be quick on your feet. The first interview lasted close to an hour, the second lasted about 40 minutes. Discussions for interview 1 (medical and industrial biocides group): My research experience and interests and why I f
  11. My public library has a pretty decent connection. And there are a number of libraries at my university, none of which require a student ID to access. An ID is required to reserve a room, but there are plenty of relatively isolated places I to sit for an interview. Might be worth checking out.
  12. Library for sure. Or even a local university campus.
  13. lol: "I donno d exact reason y i was rejected.. i hav seen guys getting admitted vth score less dan mine and CG less dan mine... anyways disheartening :("
  14. That's a bummer. Is he supportive of the idea of you moving? I'd have some pretty mixed emotions about it. Honestly, the time zone thing isnt that much of a challenge. For most of the year, she's just a couple hours different, but on the next day. I spent 6.5 months in NZ in 2013 and she was here for 6 months in 2014, and I'll be moving there for my PhD at the start of June. Just 4-6 month gaps of not being together.
  15. Damn. Congrats on the awesome acceptance and the funding package! Sorry it's made a little bitter by your situation. Is your husband not able to move with you? I'm sure you've given this a ton of thought and I probably dont have to spell it out, but PhDs are long. Years apart would put a strain on the strongest of relationships. I've been in an ultra-long-distance relationship for the last 2.5 years (I'm in the US and my girlfriend is in New Zealand), and it can be a challenge at times.
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