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  1. I had my third child during Winter Break. Having kids and going to grad school is not the easiest thing, but it's workable. Time management is critical.
  2. I am so tired of being pregnant! This is my third child, so I had a clue going into it as to how much not-fun it is (especially by the end), but still. I want to sleep on my back. Hell, I want to sleep at all. I want to be able to roll over without having to sit up. I want to tie my own shoes again. I am so OVER IT (three weeks, four days and counting.....).
  3. I was shut out my first time applying. I got a Master's degree, and am now finishing up my second year in a PhD program that I had been rejected from the first time I applied. Good luck!
  4. Check to see if your University has a counseling center, or find a counselor locally. If nothing else, your therapist from back home does not seem like a good therapeutic match for you, if for no other reason than you compare yourself to her. She is also, if I remember correctly, a social worker - I'm not trying to disparage social workers, but the issues you have may be better served by seeing a psychologist.
  5. A thousand times, no. Relationships are a ton of work. A bad relationship is decidedly worse than no relationship. Point 1: A thousand times, no. No relationship is much better than being in a bad relationship. Point 2: If you just don't see eye to eye with her, aren't on the same page, etc., then stop trying to force a a friendship.
  6. If a family member died the night before you were supposed to take the test, I'd mention it. You didn't study, and you had a cold. I would not mention this.
  7. I would suggest applying to Master's programs, for a few reasons: I respectfully disagree with part of what Juillet said: I think your GPA is on the low side for admission directly into a PhD program. It's not impossible, but I think you need to be prepared for that. Get a Master's degree and prove that you are capable of 4.0 grad-level work. Additionally, a Master's program with a Thesis option will provide you with research experience, shoring up that particular area in your application as well. In the interests of full disclosure, I earned my Master's degree a year and a half ag
  8. You may need to take some Psych courses, as many programs require some basic coursework, i.e., Intro, Research Methods, Abnormal, Cognitive, and Social. Master's programs may not have as many prerequisites (although I am sure most of them do), and a Master's degree with a Thesis component will give you the opportunity to do some research.
  9. Your verbal is not too terrible when considering the fact that you have a TOEFL score to go with it: I'd guess English isn't your first language. Apply to more than one Master's program, though (I'd tell that to anyone, not just someone with a 144 Verbal).
  10. Much as in undergrad, in grad school you are expected to be your own advocate. None of my professors have given me a hard time about my accommodations. It's been a little different with my cohort, some of whom don't realize that some of how I function in a class is because a need as opposed to a preference (i.e., I bring my laptop to class because the nerve damage in my hands is such that I cannot take notes with a pencil, not because I'm going to browse LOLcats during lecture). Occasionally I feel like I need to prove my capability to my professors, but that's almost certainly due more to my
  11. College rankings mean very little in clinical psych. What's more important is the research fit between you and your POI. Look for POIs first, figure out where they're teaching, apply to those schools.
  12. Relax. Your GPA isn't too bad. As long as you do well on your GREs, you should be okay. Remember to apply to schools that have the people you want - don't apply based on so-called rankings. You may want to apply to a few Master's programs just in case, but I don't see anything that raises red flags based on what you've written here.
  13. Then there's nothing for you to do. The person is actively under the care of mental health personnel. Unless there is a direct threat to you or someone else, there's no one for you to report it to.
  14. Anxiety is very treatable.You might call your University's Counseling Center. There should be no need to disclose to your employer.
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