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  1. Finally in a relationship!!!!! YAY!!!!! Everything is coming together! I get to actually be happy yay! <333

  2. Aww that is such a cute little kid dream to have
  3. Very true. I just don't feel like an adult. I still say immature stuff all the time. But yesterday I met a 1st year who is right out of college and she reminded me of myself so much! But then I remember that I am 24 and almost 25, I just feel so old lol
  4. So I haven't been on in forever and a day! School kept me so busy last year but here I am! In my last year of grad school! Who would have thought?! So I was thinking back on some of the super dumb stuff I posted and I can't believe I said some of that stuff (I am still desperately searching for a husband before I turn 25 in December and I don't include that in the stupid stuff I have said). Anyways I am getting so anxious for graduation and finishing and finding a job how do I calm it down? I am already freaking out over the licensing exam and I started studying this Summer. I am panicked I a
  5. One more paper to write and turn in and I will have finished my first year of grad school yay!! Still haven't found that husband though... bummer.

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    2. Threeboysmom


      Stop thinking about finding a man. When you stop thinking about it that's when he will show up.

    3. Threeboysmom


      No when he shows up its going to take her by surprise. It will be completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise.

    4. LittleDarlings


      I'm just so tired of waiting. Everyone in grad school is in relationships or married

  6. Can I actually make a LDR work? It's not even a relationship yet but still I'm so not cut out for this I need a title and all the attention in life immediately.

    1. iphi


      Well seems like you know what you want and an LDR is not compatible with that.

    2. LittleDarlings


      I know :( but I like this guy so much lol

    3. nugget


      That's what friends are for. :)

  7. Would you ever go to a House of Blues concert alone?

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    2. LittleDarlings


      Really Really bad

    3. MidwesternAloha


      Then definitely. And I'd hit on guys/get them to buy me drinks lol

    4. ahlatsiawa


      I have never been to a concert.

  8. My life is so not going in the direction it should be

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    2. LittleDarlings
    3. GeoDUDE!


      there is a quite famous poem about this....Two roads diverged....

    4. MidwesternAloha


      ^^^Robert Frost <3

  9. Just scheduled classes for next year... half way done!!!

    1. Threeboysmom


      Awesome. I wish I could attend full time, instead my two years masters will be four years. Oh the agony.

  10. I might have some serious impulse issues... When I text my ex to cure him out over having a new gf. Yeah that might not be good lol

  11. So over school and just life in general

    1. atlremix


      Hi :) I took my photo that's my display pic at the Ga Aquarium. Would it be possible for you to choose another?

  12. Why is everyone in grad school either married or in relationships? Why do I have the displeasure of having to constantly meet them? Where are the fun people?!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. MidwesternAloha


      My situation is opposite. I'm the only married person wherever I go.

    3. Imaginary


      See; sometimes I wish I could be one of "the fun people." I'm glad I'm in a relationship, and I love my kids, but I don't have the time and energy to be "fun," and for that and other reasons it's kind of difficult relating to the people in my program who are only in their mid-to-late twenties and don't have kids.

    4. LittleDarlings


      I just don't like hanging out with married people I mean idk some are cool but I never want to hear abut their SO. I would also never intentionally hang out with a couple.

  13. I bought a waist cincher! I'm going to wear it everyday for forever and always be skinny and pretty

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    2. Vene


      But, geodudes don't have waists...

    3. ERR_Alpha
    4. wuglife427


      Let's just all take a second to remember that skinny and pretty are not the same thing, and it can be dangerous to equate them. That said, you do you LD.

  14. Being in a long distance relationship is the dumbest thing I've ever done I need constant attention from a guy not like never attention.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. LittleDarlings


      I have never seen any of those shows....

    3. youngcharlie101


      LittleDarlings, every relationship is unique. Love doesn't come in a cookie-cutter form. If you do love each other, find a way to make it possible. :) <3

    4. LittleDarlings


      That's very true. I just feel like because it's so new and he's so far it's difficult

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