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  1. Johns Hopkins interestingly has quite a few people working in and around visual anthropology. Deborah Poole readily comes to mind. You could also check out Anand Pandian's work, especially his book called "Reel World: An Anthropology of Creation". In fact even Naveeda Khan is also interested in studying photography, alongside her other research interests. They're all in the dept of anthropology at Johns Hopkins.
  2. Hi. I was contacted by a faculty member, apart from adcomm, for an interview. However, I have recently been accepted into my top choice university and while I love CUNY's dept I knew I would not let my top choice go. So I politely told them about it since it could open up a spot for another applicant for an interview.
  3. Does anyone know for sure whether sociocultural anthropology applicants for UPenn have been notified about interviews already or not? I see a lot of notifications for other subfields but none for sociocultural which is making me have irrational hopes.
  4. I am still curious specifically about sociocultural anthro in UPenn and about whether they have sent their emails. I am so tired of my brain thinking so much about so many things.
  5. This is true for all the streams? I applied for sociocultural.
  6. I have but haven't heard from them yet. Last year the emails calling for interviews came around mid-February, plus the deadline this time was Jan 15th. So I guess we should expect them in a few days (that is, if the universe does not hate me).
  7. I don't think UC Davis held admissions for the sociocultural wing this time.
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