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  1. And what about 'best of luck with your studies'...is it a polite way of saying 'I wish you good luck but we don't need to keep in touch'? I'm not American and somewhat get lost in all the various ways US profs have to sign off their emails. I may want to contact this prof again in the future but I'm not sure if this ending is encouraging or not. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply bioarch_fan. I don't think that the fact that I was a bit angry was perceptible to him because my emails stayed polite and friendly after he missed the appointment. It's all about keeping the focus on the big picture, I really like his research and who knows what could happen in the future, in terms of collaboration I mean.
  3. I get that, although I was a bit upset, once I got his email I did reply to him and welcome the opportunity to reschedule. No news on his part since then...
  4. no need to be rude. Of course life happens, that's not the point. It only seems that he forgot the appointment, which can also happen (unfortunately)--I mentioned the electronic planner because he's using one (I don't), it's an info he gave me (in a humorous tone) when we set up the meeting to underline that there would be no risk for him to miss it!
  5. hi all, what do you think of the following situation: A month ago, a phone conversation was scheduled with a potential POI, it was supposed to take place 2 days ago, at 3pm. The POI was meant to call me, I waited until 3.30pm in vain, then decided to email him just in case. Perhaps, I should have reminded him of this phone meeting a few days before the actual date but I didn't feel the need to do so. We're professionals, if we set up a meeting with someone we normally honor it. So, I send the email saying politely that it looks like the meeting is not happening. (It's an IVY, and his areas
  6. OK, I'll try my luck and see how it turns out...
  7. Ok, thanks for your feedback. I've actually told her about my background without giving her all the specific details. I'm planning on applying to 5-7 schools max, with one reach school.
  8. I received today another response from a potential POI at an Ivy who said ' Dear Ms...I encourage you to apply'. Nothing more, nothing less...it's a grad program ranked in the top 5 so I'm glad she even took the time to reply (even 2 weeks after I sent my initial email). However I'm not sure what to make of it especially because I was asking her if she was taking on students next year. Any thoughts?
  9. False alarm--I got a very positive response from the POI so it's all good!
  10. I already contacted 4 POI yesterday from excellent programs (2 are ivy leagues'). So far, I got 2 very very positive encouraging responses, one of them is from an ivy. This POI (my top choice, perfect fit) responded within 10mn (very informal email), asked me if we could schedule a phone meeting around later this month so he could tell me more about the program and learn about my interests. I responded 'ok', asked if he would be available on the 31 of Aug, for instance, and immediately gave my phone details. He hasn't replied back yet...it's only been a day but I'm wondering if my answer was
  11. Thanks for your input Panama. I'm really interested in integrating visual aspects to my anthropological research so I'm not considering applying for a MFA or film school.
  12. I don't have much to add to the topic - sorry Wildviolet - but I just wanted to say that this is the cutest thread I've read so far on this forum.
  13. Great, I do appreciate your help! @jennyb: I heard about J. Jackson--that's a very good starting point.
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