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  1. I often think about the hardship of speaking up in class and giving presentations on my students with severe anxiety. That is part of my practice as a teacher.
  2. I'm not arguing that it is an extra chore. Rather, I am arguing that (despite the policy) it would be problematic if the student were to suffer consequences due to the prof's mistake. Everyone forgets policies once in a while, or has something unfortunate happen - a lost USB, for instance. Some students struggle with anxiety, which may cause them difficulty both with following such policies regularly and/or with following through should a prof contact them unexpectedly with such a request . In any case, I believe the OP is an undergraduate rather than a graduate student.
  3. I'll add another perspective, here. I am a graduate student and former high school teacher. I would never expect a student, even a student in university or graduate school, to turn in an electronic copy after they had already given me a print copy. I find such a request extremely irresponsible at this level. As a high school teacher, I once misplaced a student's assignment. I felt terrible and it caused me a lot of anxiety; thankfully, I found it. I have taken great care to never repeat that mistake. Even at the university level, why should students have to do extra work due to an instructor's
  4. That's wonderful, @DanJackson! Unfortunately, I was too overwhelmed last year as a new PhD student with a family and new to Canada, so this was my only shot. Thank you for sharing your experience for others; it could really make a difference.
  5. Exactly! I didn't REALLY expect to get it, but I was hoping.. it would have made so much of a difference in getting my research to secondary schools. Also, I literally don't understand why my leadership score was so low. It's a little depressing.
  6. @orange turtle, what do you mean by "put for their leadership section?" If you mean what sorts of information we included, I focused on demonstrating well-roundedness. I discussed my volunteer and service work, both within and outside of the university. I believe I had approximately five current volunteer and service commitments, as well as four or five previous causes (both in the recent and distant past), to which I referred. I guess I'll find out tomorrow how well I did!
  7. @Lanie, you're in Women's Studies? We should talk! I'm in English Language & Literature, but a lot of my work focuses on women and representations of women; I also just TAed a WS course.
  8. Maybe you will be surprised!
  9. Just yesterday, I met someone who currently holds a Vanier. He ranked 4th in the nation.
  10. It's March 31.. and results are released at the end of the day, yes? I'm counting it as 3 more days. I suppose you could make the case for 2 1/2!
  11. I know! The last two weeks have gone by so quickly, but this last week before the results are released is going to feel like forever..
  12. Does anyone have a good idea of when we are supposed to receive the results? Is it end of March, or early to mid-April?
  13. Thanks! It's clear what it is not an official invitation, but what actually constitutes an official invitation?
  14. It's not an invitation to submit if you've just been informally asked at a conference to submit your paper (by someone involved with the journal), right? I just want to make sure.
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