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  1. Eigen

    Apartment Searching Sites

    I mean, as reliable as anything else. It's not like Apartments.com actually screens adds. By and large, your best bet is to run a wide search, expect a lot of fake adds, and winnow those down by actually calling the places.
  2. Eigen

    Apartment Searching Sites

    Zillow is pretty decent, in my experience.
  3. Eigen

    Moving States

    I did a 2-day road trip with two cats and a dog to my current job, looking at moving 3-4 days (28 hours driving time) for the next one. Yay cross-country moves! We just got a big kennel and put both our cats in it with a litterbox. They weren't happy, but they survived. We try not to do more than 8-ish hour days so they can get out at night and breathe some. To build on to what @rising_star recommends, we've done a lot of selling/re-buying items. This works especially well for furniture- you can usually sell it and rebuy something at the new location for less than the cost differential of moving it. Our big thing is books- we've got 4 full sized bookshelves and some smaller ones, and that adds to the weight everywhere we go.
  4. Eigen

    Lacking the core course (Chemistry)

    If you've taken it, I wouldn't worry that you haven't taken it at the college level. If you wanted, you could always see about taking the ACS organic exam to make sure you're familiar with all the material.
  5. Eigen

    Lacking the core course (Chemistry)

    How have you not taken OChem? It's usually a requirement for upper level courses, especially something like retrosynthesis. Did you place out of it? Also, are you in the US? 5.0 GPA scales are really uncommon here.
  6. Eigen

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    I highly doubt STI set up a sock account on this forum.
  7. Eigen

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    Sadly, they probably aren't very far off base in this funding climate.
  8. Eigen

    Gender Discrimination

    I think calling those things "masculine qualities" is right at the root of the issues.
  9. Not sure what you're asking? It's not any different than any of the other interviews. They've seen the packets of all of the finalists, they'll have the same types of questions SC members or other faculty would. But usually they're at a more general level. Other faculty in the department are looking for what you will bring to the department, the Dean and President are looking more broadly at what you'll bring to the school. In some of my interviews like this I was asked about how I saw myself collaborating with faculty from other areas, what type of institutional service I saw myself doing, and to talk about my teaching (and research) at a less specific level. Every institution is different, but these are usually the people who have the final say in hiring. So yes, you absolutely need to sell yourself to them.
  10. It's pretty typical. Prepare some open ended questions about the direction of the institution, resources, etc. and be prepared to talk about your work and teaching at a non-disciplinary level. Also, is it individual meetings with each, or one with both? I had one that was a panel of senior administrators that was interesting.
  11. Eigen

    $3500 in taxes?!?!

    Your amount sounds roughly right, or a bit low. Thats roughly what I was paying on a similar stipend a few years ago, especially combined Federal and State. Your sister and last years amount is what seems off to me.
  12. Eigen

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Yes, if you’re enrolled. Have the option to start summer or fall, and all your subsequent years follow that start/end date.
  13. Eigen

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    The department has to pay anything not covered by that- which at most schools is quite a lot. The department is also obligated to pay things not generally covered under a tuition waiver- namely any fees that are required of the student. At some schools the combined fees + insurance premiums are a substantial part of the 12.5k COE allowance, not even touching tuition. I know my department had to cover about 5-6k in fees for me that it didn't have to cover on any other students. I would actually be surprised given the increases in the cost of education if there any really any schools left where the 12.5k covers tuition and fees for a year.
  14. Eigen

    NSF GRFP 2017-18

    That's also very field specific. In chemistry, I would say it's not likely that an award would bump you from not accepted to accepted at any of the top schools- there's usually more than enough funding. More funding strapped fields will be different. Its important to remember that often even with the GRFP, the department needs to pay quite a bit for you (tuition + fees + insurance) even when you're on tenure, and will need to find funds to pay for you when you aren't on tenure. I would also recommend making sure post-award acceptances come with something in writing indicating a garauntee that they will support you (to what level and how) when you're not on tenure. It's again field dependent, but remember that a GRFP funds a good bit less than half of the average PhD.
  15. This is totally implied, but just to be clear- it also only applies to schools who have signed the CGS resolution in the US- not all have.

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