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  1. Hi all, So I was wondering what are your thoughts and emotions while your recommenders are writing you the letter of recommendation? Are you anxious that they may not say what you hope them to acknowledge within the form of their letter? Or maybe you think that they just keep saying to you that you were a great student, however, the way in which they will try to address your special talents in a written form may not resonate well their in-person comments?
  2. Hot update: I got email today from my professor stating that the letter is ready and waiting
  3. .... it doesn't take that much effort to even say "NO." It appears that many, many people complain of professors totally ignoring their e-mails. I assume that's a new way to encourage growth of wisdom.
  4. My e-mail was, I think, very sweet Of course, joking. I addressed the professor with basic introductory reminder abut who I was, then I elaborated on the fact that I am applying for admissions this fall and that all of my schools required additional supporting materials, such as letters of recommendation. I proceeded to ask him whether he would feel comfortable writing a letter on my behalf. I also mentioned that he offered me a spot in his lab a month ago and that I would feel glad to join his team, assuming that I would be admitted. Lastly, I briefly summarized everything, thanked, and did
  5. I am getting very sweet responses! You guys rock! I am actually glad grad school applications drive me crazy a bit because it is a positive stress. Writing your personal and research statement is actually one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences I've had over the course of my academic career because I can finally realize what I've been working for in the past three years. Yet when you come to the point where you're just THIS close from realizing your big plans - your mind starts to flip and wonder. At the end of the day, I think we all get our little craziness about whet
  6. Thanks guys! This is pretty freaky because, on the one hand, you feel confident that you will have all the support you need when the time comes to file your application but then, on the other hand, when you start seriously talking about it, many of your plans start shifting. Yikes. Crazy life.
  7. Thank you Do you guys think it would be better to make a phone call the next time I want to inquire him about the letter or even visit him in person? He works in Boston and I am from New York City so it is not a quick train ride yet we all know how professors like to change their mind in a matter of minutes.
  8. Thank you a lot for reply! It's been about 2 days. I know it sounds horrible that I am already worrying about his lack of response but he's generally the type of person that sleeps with his Blackberry and persistently checks his e-mail. I guess I am too being too overdramatic but then it would be completely strange to offer me to stay in touch and work on my grad school paperwork and then not reply.
  9. Hey there, I was looking for a piece on advise on how to proceed with a professor that didn't reply to my inquiry whether he would be inclined to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf to prospective graduate schools. I worked in this professor's lab over the summer and he encouraged me to apply to the graduate school with which he's affiliated. Furthermore, he offered to review my application for a position in his lab as a prospective graduate student. I e-mailed him with a question for a recommendation but haven't heard back from him yet. I am not sure whether I should re-res
  10. That's a fantastic suggestion! Thank you. Do you think it would be fine to first approach my post-doc and ask her whether she would be willing to support me in the admissions process by writing a recommendation on my behalf, and explain her my feelings about approaching my P.I. directly? Perhaps she could then ask him for his approval by co-signing it, since they are very friendly with each other. Or do you think it would be more elegant to e-mail my P.I. post-summer with a question on whether he would be willing to either write me a helpful recommendation or simply allow the post-doc to w
  11. Hello there, I'm Jacob and I am currently preparing for admissions season into the biomedical research programs at medical schools. I just heard about this forum from a friend of mine, who spoke very highly of insightful comments I might get from fellow applicants, or current students, while being an applicant. My first and foremost question concerns a letter of recommendation; In the past 2 months I have been working at Harvard for a professor, with whom I would like to ideally study as a Ph.D. student next year. The problem is concerned with the fact that his laboratory is huge and w
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