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  1. So this is a tricky one. I do agree that the top applicants are probably trolling (haha jkjk) this thread. But I do think that there is probably a great mix of outstanding individuals outside gradcafe that just don't have an interest in following the forum. But can we figure this out with math? If most schools receive (on average) 180 applications, and they interview approximately 50 - 60 candidates, and each average candidate applies to 4-6 schools, what would the average interview number be per applicant? Now someone gifted with quick stat math help a girl out. Haha.
  2. Yes about Utah rejection letter. And when you read the suggestions and you're like, ugh... I have all that lol. Womp womp.
  3. I just received an email from Arcadia saying they are still reviewing applications and they expect to be done by March 15th! So patiently wait we will ?.
  4. Since we're talking about this topic of being in limbo, has anyone reached out to Arcadia to see if they are offering more interview spots, or do you think they're done?
  5. Awesome, maybe we still have a chance! If you think of it, can you update us after you call? Thanks!
  6. So if I didn't receive an invite from Utah yesterday, should I assume I'm out? Or did it seem they had more to go? Thanks friends.
  7. Anyone else going to sleep early so tomorrow will get here faster? *Impatiently hoping for Utah invite tomorrow***
  8. Got my rejection email from Colorado today. Womp womp.
  9. Don't give up @Blizzard. You deserve this! There's still time!
  10. Now here is my obligatory post on whether anyone knows if Colorado and Arcadia have sent out all the offers at once?
  11. Does anyone have any good reading material they would recommend? (In the category of genetic counseling/related field) Thanks!
  12. Hello all! Curious if anyone has any suggestions for neighborhoods near the St. Paul medical campus that is good for small families. We ideally want a private entrance type place, and pets allowed is a must! Thanks
  13. I sent my app in some time in December, around the 20th maybe? Heard from them today.
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