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  1. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    i don't think many people apply casually..applications are expensive as is the GRE so i'm assuming that almost everyone who applies at least looks at program websites and sees that most schools only accept around 8-12 students/year. I feel like most people posting on here are just looking for a community of people we can relate to, because at least in my case i don't have any close friends or colleagues who are also applying for this program and i'm sure this is quite common. So in my opinion, it's hard to gauge how qualified people are based on whether or not they're posting on this forum. At the end of the day, qualified or not, many of us are just trying to connect with others and help each other out Good luck to your person who is applying! I also know many people accepted into programs who only got one interview so # of invites doesn't mean much at the end of the day, just how well you connect with the interviewers at those interviews.
  2. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Wow congrats!! Did they give you a date or ask you to rank? I'm wondering if this will be my first rejection lol
  3. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    they gave us a bunch of dates and we put in a doodlepoll which ones work. Maybe dates that don't fill will be sent out to those on a waitlist? I'm not sure but anything is possible!
  4. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Last year people didn't hear from them until Feb 22 according to the results page so there's still time! I feel like they don't interview many people though because there are barely any results for them
  5. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    No but because i have already received a bunch of interviews closer to home, VCU is not one of my top choices anyways and i know there are others who would rank them high so i want them to get it instead
  6. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Ended up declining the VCU interview offer even though it was really hard to It's just too far away and the date they gave me was a thursday, which was difficult bc it would mean missing wednesday and being tired friday. I hope one of you end up getting my spot if you are on a waitlist!
  7. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    @Blizzard ohh ok that makes sense i thought maybe you were scheduling both your interviews for the same week. That sounds tough! I would say go for the friday interviews if you have a choice that way you can take your time getting back (unless you work weekends). Some programs end the day with a dinner that isn't required and you can leave early to catch a flight or get in a little late if they start with breakfast. I'm sure there are other current applicants who work as advisors and might give better advice than me. One of the current students at Wayne state actually used to be my advisor so now i'm wondering how she did it bc she was always booked!
  8. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I have driven/am planning to drive to all interviews so scheduling flights isn't a problem but this is exhausting (not complaining though lol). I am still a student and am lucky enough to work at my university so my supervisors have been totally understanding about grad school interviews. Is there a reason you are taking a whole week off? My interviews are all either monday or friday and i prefer the friday ones because at least i get to rest over the weekend. I had a monday one yesterday that ended in the evening so i'm dying at school today bc i got home late!
  9. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    You're right and thank you for this! I think just knowing that other people got to rank their dates while i am just being given what's available is a bit discouraging and probably a downside of being on a forum. I have unexpectedly received a lot of interviews closer to home, which is why I am even debating whether interviewing at VCU is worth it due to travel expenses. I'll post my decision on here so hopefully someone who is waitlisted will know they still have a chance!
  10. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I just got invited by VCU! They only gave me one available date so i'm guessing i was on a waitlist? I am thinking of declining it bc richmond is so far away from me and i'm clearly not their top choice but it's so hard! It sucks that schools don't cover cost of travel /:
  11. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Congrats! Did they just give you a date or did they ask you to rank them?
  12. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I noticed I am scheduled for the very last days of interviews at Michigan which is probably why I was emailed today. Do you think the day we were emailed has anything to do with where we are on their ranking list?
  13. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    someone must have rejected their michigan invite bc i just got invited
  14. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Congrats guys! It looks like this will be my first rejection and I'm kind of relieved lol i was getting overwhelmed thinking about how i would be ranking schools
  15. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    scheduling is a problem for me too. I can only make 1 of the dates/times and she said to pick 3. I just emailed and said I could only make the 1 and if it's full then I guess i'm just not going to Wisconsin! If this was one of my first interviews I would definitely pick 3 and suck it up but i'm still very curious about their program because i feel like the website doesn't reveal much