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  1. So excited to have matched with Wayne State!!! Let me know if any of you are also headed there in the fall!!
  2. I wasn't able to tune in to the OSU webinar today, can anyone tell me if they confirmed the tuition reduction and if they gave any other financial info?
  3. Michigan sent out an email that contained financial information and also if they would rank us. It would be cool if all programs could let us know..
  4. If they say we are registered for that quarter i assume that means we would have to pay! Thats something i may ask a current student about
  5. I didn't realize it was that much! I know they're planning tor reduce it by $5,000 but still... it's a lot. But i have also heard that it's not too hard to get in state tuition for the second year, so I have been taking that into account when calculating for Ohio schools
  6. according to their pre-interview packet, the financial aid part says students are registered for 6 quarters at around $18,000 each. Students can get $18,000 remitted overall if they work but that still leaves them with a 90k tuition..more expensive than stanford!
  7. I was calculating tuitions the other day and NW's program came out to around $109,000!! I was blown away. Are they the most expensive program in the US or do you guys know of one that is more?
  8. Does anyone know anything about UCF's GC program? As in, do a lot of people apply to it and how do they sit for boards if they're not accredited?
  9. I know someone asked about graduate scholarships/funding earlier and Northwestern had this database on their site so I thought it might be helpful! A lot of them require you to be going into a specific field though /: http://staff.lib.msu.edu/harris23/grants/3gradinf.htm
  10. Thanks for sharing this info! One thing to keep in mind though is that each school interviews and accepts a different amount, for example Ohio State interviews about 72 people for 10 spots but Cincy interviews about 48 for 12 spots, so the chances of getting in are higher there. I've been calculating my chances for each school that way and it looks like theres a ~13%-25% range of being accepted at the places i've interviewed at but because they're all different i'm not sure how to calculate my chance of being accepted in general like how you did above /:
  11. No but last year they sent rejections around March 1, so i'm just waiting for that lol. I think they already sent out all their interviews and i don't see anyone turning them down...
  12. At the same time, if you were from the midwest and travelled all the way to the west coast for an interview wouldn't it show that their offer meant a lot? I think the fact that we take time off work/school and spend money to go to these interviews already shows that they mean a lot! If I'm not at least 80% interested, I know I won't take off time and spend money to go.
  13. I actually have seen some of them write the number down though... i don't disclose the schools and if they ask i just say in the midwest, but i've even been prompted to name the schools before. I know it's probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but i'm just not a fan of those questions
  14. One question i've gotten at some interviews is how many interview invites i've gotten overall. The question makes me weary, because 1) I don't want schools to think i'm all over the place and just applied to a bunch of places at random and 2) i'm anxious about them having preference for students who only applied to a couple schools and got 1 or 2 interviews. I know I'm probably overthinking this but does anyone have any idea what the purpose of that question is? I always make sure to follow it up by talking about why I applied to their particular program and how much i love it, but i personall
  15. i don't think many people apply casually..applications are expensive as is the GRE so i'm assuming that almost everyone who applies at least looks at program websites and sees that most schools only accept around 8-12 students/year. I feel like most people posting on here are just looking for a community of people we can relate to, because at least in my case i don't have any close friends or colleagues who are also applying for this program and i'm sure this is quite common. So in my opinion, it's hard to gauge how qualified people are based on whether or not they're posting on this for
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