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  1. Right - it just means you’re somewhere on their list of candidates that they would be willing to have in their incoming class, whether at the #1 position or #50. Some programs may rank all their candidates, while others may only include a subset.
  2. I definitely remember a PD at one of my interviews saying that the post-match process would only be open to applicants that receive at least one interview invitation :/
  3. At Emory, the program said they would send an email to all candidates next week, letting us know if they plan to rank us or not (permissible by match rules). Out of curiosity, has anyone encountered other programs that are doing this?
  4. I live in DC, and our forecast shows relatively clear skies (no snow) after today through next week! I think you'll be okay!
  5. I've had two of these so far. They're not too daunting - typically, you'll receive a brief clinical scenario and be asked to describe how you would counsel the patient(s). I got 20-30 minutes to complete the writing exercise. My interviewers emphasized that they don't care so much about you providing the "right answer" or disease-specific knowledge, but rather want to gain insight into your reasoning process and the medical/ethical considerations you integrate. Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks! To clarify, I have heard back from them and was offered an interview. Best of luck to those still awaiting news either way!
  7. Have you tried logging back into the SOPHAS portal for Hopkins? I'm trying, but it's giving me an error.
  8. They reached out on February 20th offering three interview dates. Not sure if there have been subsequent waves or will be future waves.
  9. Is anyone writing thank-you notes to program staff after interviews? I feel silly that it didn't cross my mind until now. :/
  10. I've had two interviews so far (Case and Arcadia), and they've been very laid-back and conversational. The admissions and program faculty involved in the interview process were generally approachable and friendly, and didn't throw any curveball questions. It has definitely helped me to review talking points beforehand and come up with 2-3 questions for the interviewers. Several of the questions they asked me focused on what was most impactful/memorable/salient from my GC shadowing experience, including any specific cases or encounters. Be sure you can succinctly provide tailored answers for why you want to attend that program in particular. If you have the option to stay with host students or attend the social events, I highly encourage it. Good luck!!
  11. They gave three dates for interviews (3/16, 3/26, 3/30) but didn't ask us to select one or rank, just let us know that another staff member would be in touch with more details.
  12. @Lauren423 I agree that trying to find a GC assistant position is a valuable investment. About half of the last group I interviewed with are working GC assistants. As for me, I've been out of undergrad 4 years and have worked (among other things) in a neuroscience wet lab and have now been working at a national disease advocacy non-profit for a year and a half. I also volunteer on an outbound support line through a crisis call center.
  13. Someone at the last interview I did told me that Hopkins only interviews around 15 applicants a year. Does anyone know if this is accurate?
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