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  1. Yay! I sent you an inbox on here. Hoping to get you in on the group text we’ve started for the class- 5 of us in so far ?
  2. I really do!! It's great to get feedback from students. I think they would really appreciate it. And plus, the circle graphs are kind of fun to look at. *nerd face*
  3. Hey! Do you have any plans to share this feedback with programs? Since there aren't identifiers, it may be useful for them to review. A GC I work with (not affiliated with any program) suggested this so I wanted to ask. Thank you for putting it together!
  4. Hey Emily! I am also interviewing at UT Houston and UAB. When will you be there?
  5. I can't speak for anyone else, but UT hasn't confirmed my interview date yet so there might still be hope! Don't give up. ?
  6. I'm going to South Carolina on 3/30 too!! Do you think you will stay through the weekend at all?
  7. I see some have heard from South Carolina! Congrats! What are their interview dates?? EDITED: I was a little nervous about not hearing from them until I checked my spam folder....invite was there! Please check if you are worried!
  8. Hey! I submitted Jan 2 (really close to the deadline lol) and heard today. I was invited to interview.
  9. Just found out I got an interview at Maryland!! Woohoo!
  10. Anyone heard from South Carolina? They were my earliest deadline (Dec 1) and not a word!!
  11. So I actually almost applied to Emory and ran into this same issue. They do have different requirements for their letters, don't they? I scheduled a time to speak with the program director and kinda gave her an elevator pitch of the things I have been involved in. From our quick conversation she was able to identify someone else that would be a suitable reference and was going to make a note in my file. I didn't end up applying there for other reasons, but don't let that requirement deter you if you are really interested! Most schools would be willing to work with you on that sort of thing. Who wants to be a cookie cutter applicant, anyway?? good luck!
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