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  1. Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that NW is sending out emails for those waitlisted for interviews. According to the email, all of the interview slots have been filled and they will take place from March 28th- April 11. Hope this helps for anyone waiting!
  2. I talked to Janelle and she said that they will be sending out more invites over the next few weeks. Final invites will go out the week of March 26th
  3. I contacted one of the admins that sent me an email regarding my transcripts, but she replied saying she didn't know about the status of my application other than that it was complete. So I guess we are all stuck waiting for them! But fingers crossed we hear back from them soon ?
  4. Sorry to hear that but you have 7 more schools to hear back from! I'm sure many of us are in the same boat with waiting and it is definitely agony ? I'm waiting for 10 and I want to rip my hair out!!
  5. What applications are still open? I know TJU, Augustana, and KGI. What is the last one?
  6. Rejections are rolling out from Brandeis.. just got mine a couple minutes ago ?
  7. Oh no!! So sorry to hear that I'd rather know too! What school was it from?
  8. The program director at Boston emailed me an hour ago saying that interview invites will be sent out no later than Feb 15th!
  9. Thank you!! Didn't realize the diamond allows you to see stats ?
  10. For those who got an interview at Brandeis, what are your stats?? Obsessively checking my email now ?
  11. Thank you!! I was wondering what other schools you found this information for?? This is super helpful, but also amping up my anxiety now that I know the dates haha
  12. Hi! I couldn't find this information on their website. Where does it say this? I almost can't believe it would be that soon since the deadline was at the beginning of this month!
  13. Same, she just got back to me as well thanks for the update!
  14. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to getting into a program this year! Question for those applying to Colorado, I can't seem to access my application b/c the scroll down options for selecting a master's program (under academic interest) isn't working for me and genetic counseling isn't available. Is anyone else having this problem??
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