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  1. Do I stil rank a program on the match even though I was waitlisted for an interview?
  2. Yes, I have heard back. I believe all of their interviews are scheduled for next week. If you haven't heard from them at all since you submitted you application, I would definitely reach out to them! Hope that helps (:
  3. I was waitlisted at Northwestern. When do you guys think I should expect to hear back from them about whether or not I will be interviewed? I just want to know sooner than later so I can make travel plans.
  4. You might be wait listed and they're just waiting to send out the wait list email! Thats what happened to me with Northwestern. I checked this page and noticed that everyone received their interview invites on Friday for northwestern and I didn't hear from them until Tuesday saying that I'm waitlisted for an interview.
  5. So if we don't receive an email from Northwestern do we assume we aren't accepted?
  6. Still waiting to hear back from Northwestern and USF. Does anyone have an idea of when we should expect to hear back from them?
  7. Still haven't heard from Mt. Sinai... should I contact them? It just seems like everyone has already received interviews.
  8. If I didn't get an email from Mt. Sinai today should I take that as a rejection or do you think they're sending them out in waves?
  9. literally refreshing my email 100 times in anticipation to hear back from emory :/
  10. Today is the last day to hear back from Emory! Has anyone heard anything?
  11. Tomorrow is the last day that we can expect to hear back from Emory, correct?
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