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  1. @Marie764 I'm sure Augustana accepted plenty of people who were not from underserved communities because it is incredibly difficult to do this application process if you are from those areas. If this person was rejected, it is not because they were not from the areas that Augustan has decided to give a chance. It's because their scores, GPA, personal statements, and experience did not match up to others from advantaged communities. The same reason we all get rejected. That's only a small part of someone's rejection, it is not the reason they were rejected. But like I said already, if I totally misunderstood, I don't want to make this day worse for someone than it already is. I just think it's worth pointing out, if someone is wallowing thinking they were not accepted because they have money.
  2. I hope they weren't. I don't see any other reason for posting it on the results page. That note section is to give more information about the rejection or about the interview to others who are posting. But perhaps I jumped the gun. If they were trying to make an excuse for the rejection, I think that's inappropriate. Otherwise, it always sucks to be rejected and I would hate to have made their day worse by calling out something that was totally unintentional.
  3. To the person rejected from Augustana on the results page with the quote: "we gave preference to applicants from areas of the country (USA) which are underserved or have workforce needs" but did not provide their GRE and GPA... Please don't blame your problems on underserved communities and not take any responsibility for yourself. Get feedback in May. I'm sure you're grieving and you need someone to blame, and that's totally okay but not in this way. That quote was highly inappropriate.
  4. @laura moreno I'm pretty sure it's Rachel Gannaway. But I haven't reached out to them to ask about a decision yet.
  5. Honestly, I think you would have gotten interviews last year or the year before that. Seems like miserable timing for your average GC applicant. Anyway, looking at the results page, there are people getting interviews with 3.2s, but they have a balance of a super perfect GRE score. Just something I noticed. I don't actually have any real insight besides that result page and previous forums. So ask for feedback in May. But consider that retaking the GRE is going to be a lot cheaper than retaking a class.
  6. I'm sure they'll work with you! And if they don't work with you, then you don't want them anyway. That's really crappy luck, try not to stress about it until they get back to you.
  7. Where my University of Michigan rejects at? lol Did they tell everyone that "the committee really enjoyed reading your application" or was that just me? Because that was a nice gesture.
  8. @KaryoKid and @Rosie414 I know this means I'm probably still in the denial phase, but did either of you apply for Dual Degree program for Pitt?
  9. I've read several places based on graduate admission statistics that applying to 4-6 schools is the best shot for a qualified candidate. Any thing lower, and you might miss out, anything higher doesn't significantly increase any one's chances. That being said, I am learning now that genetic counseling may be different because of how few programs there are available. I applied to 4, money and work schedule.
  10. I think you're too worried. You got the interview. You don't need to prove yourself on your application anymore. It's like a clean slate. From this point forward, schools will choose on personalities best suited for their program, and who can present themselves as qualified. I mean I have never interviewed someone applying to a school program, but I have interviewed several people for jobs. Sometimes the best application, is just not a good fit for the office environment after the interview. Then, sometimes, you realize that someone lied on their application during the interview. You are good enough. Now you just have to show them that you'll fit in and you're equipped to be their student. Congratulations though! You are an equal with everyone else who has an interview, don't forget.
  11. I think your GPA is real good for being a 4 year varsity athlete. But my opinion definitely doesn't matter here. I hope that universities understand the pressure for athletes. Just thought I would do some boosting of spirits.
  12. I have to say this all the time! And "people get rejected who already have PhDs and Masters in related fields with relevant work experience, publications and volunteer work."
  13. Omg! Took my GRE 3 years ago, and just started applying to schools this year. Did not apply to Harvard. Hardvard X is definitely also in my inbox now that I'm waiting for answers from my applications. It's the google/facebook/apple world we live in. I'm convinced now that Harvard X has targeted people applying to graduate schools. While it's not a sign from Harvard University directed at you, I also took it as a sign from a higher power. LOL
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