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  1. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I understand how you feel about Northwestern as that's how I'm feeling about the new Arizona program. I live in Tucson now and really love the area, went to UofA for undergrad and loved the school. I would really love to continue my graduate career here, plus in state. I also really like the director and when I meet with her next Monday I am going to ask more about rotations and more program specific questions. For me, the three biggest factors in choosing programs, both last year and this year, were 1. location 2. cost and 3. rotations. But to you, it looks like rotations and location are both important. I'd suggest looking into EVERY SCHOOL and reading up on their rotations. If they start early or mention the ability to go abroad, put it on your list. If you can't find that information, you can always shoot the program director a quick email asking. Let's hope that gives you more programs than you want to apply, then try to narrow down based on proximity to Chicago, if you need to narrow down even more than think about other factors you don't want, maybe you don't want to go to a newly accredited school, remove those, etc. Narrow down until you've got the number of programs you want to apply to and you're set There's really no sure fire way to pick besides what your preferences are. Definitely reapply to schools you got waitlisted at if you're still interested! Those schools thought you already had the makings for a GC and anything you've done since applying to boost your app plus reapplying will definitely shine a good light on your application. Look into UW-Madison as that's still close to Chicago, both the schools in Indiana and maybe Ohio schools? I'm not sure how many you want to apply to, but that's just based on lcoation.
  2. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'd love for you guys to share about what you learn at the Symposium this weekend when possible
  3. Tucson, AZ

    All of this! I moved to Tucson for undergrad and am now working here and hoping to get into grad school. I love Tucson. It has a small town vibe, but still plenty to do. I love the weather, yes it's hot, but you have to adapt. If you like being outdoors, just work around the sun. The early morning and evenings are so pleasant and a wonderful time to be out. I love not needing a jacket when I'm out at 10pm. Winter time is awesome when only a light coat is needed. Campus is a good main hub of the city and there's always events, shows, or performers coming to town. Tucson has good food in general, it was ranked #1 city of gastronomy. I really just love the desert vibe and how Tucson looks and feels. It's definitely a place I could see myself settling in.
  4. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Most prefer double spaced, but if it doesn't specify then you can use whatever you prefer. I submitted a single spaced to UTHealth last year cuz I needed the extra room
  5. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Ooh that's exciting. I used to live in the Salt Lake area and we visited Boise a lot, I really like the area. It's possible they'll be ready for Fall 2018 acceptance and if so I'll probably apply. But with how long a lot of those programs have been listed on the Letter of Intent list, it's unlikely they'll be ready for this cycle.
  6. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Just had my first day of volunteering with the two cancer GCs through the local cancer center. I'm super excited for the opportunity! I'll be going every week for 4 hours. I'll get to help with patient prep, drawing pedigrees, figuring out a better system for them to use, when there's appointments I will get to shadow, and then over small projects/administrative stuff that comes up. The one GC I've had the most contact with did mention that if everything goes well, she would be happy to write a LOR for me, so yay for that! And the new GC I just met today helped encourage me as she said she didn't get into a program the first time she applied either. So, all in all, a really great day GC wise
  7. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    You do rank only to what you want AND be extremely aware of which schools you prefer over others and rank them to your preferences, not to where you think you'll get into. Of course, your best chance at getting into that specific school would be to rank all options they have. Because if they want you, but without the partial scholarship, and you only rank the partial scholarship option, then you can't get matched to them for no scholarship. But of course, financially if you can only afford the school with the partial scholarship, it makes complete sense to only rank the partial scholarship option.
  8. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Yes, that's a great way to think of those members. Both Baylor and Arizona were on that list as affiliated members before sending in their info for their programs. I do not have any additional info about any of those members, but I do recall hearing somewhere about Vanderbilt wanting to start a program within the next few years
  9. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'm meeting with the director on the 25th of this month. I'll get more info then! But, I keep getting told information will be up on their website by "the end of summer" and anticipate hearing back about accrediation in Spring 2018. If so, they will have classes start Fall 2018.
  10. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I believe I remember from a GC Career Day that I attended at Utah, 6 is typically a good number. If you are a stronger candidate, 4 would probably be fine. After 6 schools, there doesn't seem to be a correlational to improving your chances to get in. That didn't stop me from applying to 8 last year and I am applying to 8 this year as well. As for Peds, I know UCI and Cincinnati are both located out of peds departments or work closely with the children's hospital. I believe Denver also has a strong peds program. Oklahoma and UW-Madison are based out of the peds department as well I believe. ---- Unrelated note, several applications open up tomorrow and on the 5th we can register for the match How exciting and nerve-wracking!
  11. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I think the only class that might even be worth taking would be Anatomy/Phsiology. And even then I wouldn't recommend to, considering your GPA. I don't believe A/P is required by any programs and only recommended by a few. My GPA is only a 3.39 with a couple Cs in some prereq science classes. No program director has strongly pushed me towards retaking any besides Biochem and I was strongly discouraged on taking classes that I thought would "look good", such as grad level psych classes. They have recommended embryology, medical terminology, bioethics, and other genetic-related courses. Only take more science classes if your science GPA is low AND you can get an A in them, otherwise it doesn't matter. I have the same struggle with needing to save time off for interview season. But I would suggest at least one day of shadowing, even though you've been through the process. It's different than being in the patients spot. Yes, that will be a huge plus for you in the future, to know how your patients feel. But getting to see the behind the scenes/prep aspect of the process is hugely beneficial. You can supplement your lack of shadowing by talking about your own experience going through the process though! Keep up your Crisis Text advocacy and try your best to keep volunteering with the disabled children. Overall, I think you'd have a shot this cycle. My mentor suggested both "Middlesex" and "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down". I've only read excerpts but they both sound super good!
  12. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Lol no you're fine. I haven't been told to get research experience. Just advocacy/more GC experience is the main focus. The laboratory side of GC is still up and coming so it's not something schools expect or even look for, but doesn't hurt especially if it is research in genetics or related. Based on what you told me, I'd expect to you get at least one interview if not more this cycle. But that's just off of numbers, they look at so many other things.
  13. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'm not applying there, but I remember this question or a similar one has come up. Take Augustana for example, you can spend your second year in San Diego or in South Dakota. So for the matching process, the school enters how many spots there are for each option. When ranking you'd have to option to put either Augustana 2nd year San Diego or Augustana second year SD, and could rank your preferred option over the other. And then the match does its thing and you'll get matched with one of the two options if I recall correctly. So you'd know exactly where you'd be spending your second year upon notification of being matched. I'd assume it'd be the same for Virgin, maybe there's 2 spots for the PhD option but 6 for just GC. You will probably get to rank both the PhD option and the GC masters only option. Definitely a good question to ask the school though, maybe they already know!
  14. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    @JN212 that's really good to hear that you think the other tasks are helpful 😊 I'm hoping it looks favorable on my application this cycle. I didn't have any shadowing experience last cycle. I had just met with a couple genetic counselors and many schools recommended I get more experience, so this will help drastically.
  15. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I just helped sort of set up, or at least get in motion, a volunteer position with genetic counselors at the cancer center through my university. It took a while (asked back in fall 2016 time) and am just starting in September (could've started July but my job interfered). But I'm so excited it's finally happening. I'll be shadowing/ volunteering 4 hours weekly starting September 11th. It'll include a lot of GC Assistant tasks, such as pedigrees, getting family history, calling and making appointments etc. but I will get to sit in on applintments and such too. So I'll have close to 60 direct hours of shadowing by the time most applications are due and around 100 by interviews 😁 Anyway the point of that was to def reach out and see if a GC would be interested in ongoing commitment of shadowing/volunteering and maybe help with pre-appointment stuff like I will be. I am planning on having one of the GCs write a letter of rec. I re-reached out to the four programs I haven't heard from and already got responses back from two and set up times to talk/gave me a timeframe for when they'll email me back. (Augustana and UTHealth if anyone's wondering). Started the draft of my personal statement yesterday too.