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  1. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Right hand corner where your username is. Click the dropdown and it's under account settings. From there it's the signature button. Once you add, it'll show up under your post like ours does
  2. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I took their Neurogenetics class and loved it! Completely self paced and only had a final at the end. I got a very high B, and would highly recommend for anyone who wants a decently easily class that is directly applicable.
  3. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'd put myself into this category. Overall, I have a decent GPA, 3.36. But my major/science GPA is only a 2.68 with it possibly getting up to around a 2.78 or so with my biochem (assuming I get an A)/neurogenetics class factored in. So, I do really think that played a big factor last year (as both my GPAs were even lower than now). Most schools told me to focus on pre-reqs for anything I might retake. They didn't care too much about ochem or any of my bio classes instead pushed me towards biochem as that combines both. Idk what else to offer pass that. I didn't receive a single interview last year, and I already have one (albeit, this school has a lower minimum GPA they accept, but still). Overall, I think what helped more was the amount of GC experience/exposure I got in the past months. I applied having never shadowed a GC to now having 60 direct hands-on hours with them.
  4. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Oh, then I must have had the date down wrong on my old spreadsheet! Whoops, I was contacted by them around the same time as you last year. Fingers crossed that you're right! I just submitted my last app (UCI lol) and I'm so relieved. At least my biochem class just started, so I'll have that to distract me a little bit..
  5. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Another way I got a rough idea of when schools would be contacting us is through the Results page here. As others mentioned, this might not be the most accurate anymore with Match and schools possibly (hopefully) moving up contact times/interview dates, but it gives a rough idea. For UCI for example, I saw contact about interviews in late February/early March (with the early contact mid February). I'd also note that of all schools that I applied to this year versus last year, UCI actually pushed BACK their app deadline from January 1st to the 15th, so that may play a factor for interview dates this year. CSU has the same timeline of late February to early March, though earliest contact looks around February 21st.
  6. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Utah (February 12th) and Augustana (February 16th "last day for students to receive interviews") both have exact dates, others are more broad, like Arizona states late January for notification. If you go look around the websites for schools you've applied to, you can typically find this (if available) in the FAQs, on the Admission page, or some have admission timeline pages).
  7. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Especially considering last year I believe they only interviewed 40 people for 10 spots... Maybe they'll be taking a bigger class? I'm not applying to this school so I have no idea what the website might say in regards to class size this year.
  8. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Yeah, I never wrote over because of an experience from school. I took a class with a friend and we had a paper that was supposed to be 1 page double spaced on a in-depth topic where it was hard to stick to this limit (just like our statements!). My friend submit two pages for this project (she was enthusiastic about the subject and thought that would show in the paper). The professor wasn't too pleased with this, took her aside and told her the page limits weren't a "suggestion", that they were in place for a reason due to her time constraints and it showed a lack of respect to not follow them. The teacher only graded the first page and my friend only received like a 50% on it. Soo ever since then, I've always followed to a T because I can understand there are limits for a reason and was terrified that the overage would not be looked at/not graded, or my paper would be thrown out entirely for a clear lack of ability to follow directions (such as job applicants that will throw out entire applicants because you submitted a 2 page resume when they specifically asked for 1 page). All my statements that I submitted were almost exactly 500 words or 750 or whatever the limit was because I wrote what I wanted and then slowly went through and edited down as needed.
  9. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Baylor has a good chance of making the deadline (mid March) for Match. Arizona could make it by the deadline, but I’m not holding my breathe on it. It likely would be accredited slightly after the deadline, maybe a little after Match Day, but def by early summer. They are planning to take students who didn’t do Match/participate in the unmatched selection process. KGI I have no idea. I’m hoping the accreditation board tries to push through a couple programs so they can participate.
  10. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Lots of updates on more upcoming programs here: (noted a desire to have first class start fall 2018, which is unlikely with new process unless all second match?) (not accepting apps and will have a summer start date) (starting w/ 10 students with intent to have a class of 20 thereafter, hasn't even found a program director) (first class expected fall 2019, director may not be a genetic counselor?) This little blurb made me feel a little worse about my chances of getting in "There are upward of 25 highly qualified applicants for each existing position, so we are turning away really good people in a field that desperately needs them.” Lol so a 4% chance of getting in even as a qualified applicant... if we look at it like that (and who knows where that number came from).
  11. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Oh gosh, I hope not... But at the bottom of that page it noted that the new policy went into affect 1/2/2018. So I would assume programs who have already submitted their applications are grandfathered in to the old policy?
  12. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Gosh I'm envious! I have two more to submit myself, but I'll likely get them in by the end of this week
  13. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Now that I have one interview, it has surprisingly made the waiting process harder. Even worse, I think I am so anxious about dates because I just started a new job so my 90 days isn't until April 4th... and I haven't mentioned that I am applying to grad school. I told them up front I had a vacation already planned for early March, but now I may need random days here an there. I am actually hoping for April interview (like UT's on 4/6) so I can try my hardest NOT to take time off or fake call in sick.. Cuz I really do like my new position already! I don't want to make a few "silly" mistakes during my 90 days to ruin my chances of staying on board IF I don't get in again this year. Maybe I should have sucked it up at my previous position, but I'm soo glad for the switch. I am working in a medical lab that mainly does pathology reports on skin samples. I've learned so much already and am getting to actively use medical terminology, ICD-10 codes, and other cool healthcare stuff.
  14. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    @Blizzard Yeah I’d second @TAGC, as long as they’re in by the deadline I wouldn’t worry. I only just turned in a majority of mine this last week and still have two more to finish anyway.
  15. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Just got offered an interview at UAMS I'm so excited!