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  1. Hi guys..I am an upcoming 2020 applicant looking for some advice/reassurance! Overall I have about a 3.55 GPA with a BS in Health Science and Healthcare Management Certificate. I got an A in psychology, B in statistics, B in genetics, A in genetics lab, and an A- in biochemistry. All of these classes were above the class average. I am a chemistry, biology, and sociology tutor. I volunteer with crisis text line and at a genetic counseling unit at a hospital. This summer, I am going to be a mental health technician. I am also an international student mentor. I have done over 60 volunteer hours at other hospitals. Other classes that I have taken are lifespan & development, anatatomy I & II, health promotion, spanish I, microbiology, molecular genetics, nutrition, full year of chem, full year of bio, medical terminology, pharmacology I want to apply to 10-12 schools...I know that is a lot but my parents don't want me to take more than one gap year. I haven't taken the GREs yet but if I get above the 50th percentile, do you think I have a good shot? They say the average accepted gpa is around 3.5, but since it's so competitive, I would imagine it to be higher.
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