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  1. I'm going off of what my rejection emails said, some said after match day, some said may, and other said July (lol denver). And I would definitely email, that gives them time to pull your application and hopefully think about their response more than a phone call. Glad you're here trying again!!
  2. Welcome! I could be wrong but I think the personal statement prompts from this years application cycle are probably still up on the university's website. I am still very eager to contact the schools and see what their notes about my application were but I have a pretty good idea where my application lacked. Essentially due to the high number of people applying for these positions the "preferred experience" generally is "required experience". The hospital in my area (the largest in the state) didn't offer shadowing of any kind so I just thought, oh well no big deal...wrong, they wan
  3. My #1 advice with the GRE is to study the stuff you know you have trouble with beforehand! I didn't want to pay a boat load of money for prep books on top of the cost of the test so I checked out my public library and found two Kaplan books! I was able to keep them for months while I studied without spending a penny!
  4. Got an interview for a genetic counselor assistant position!!! I've applied to basically every job across the country and am so excited to finally get a positive response! What is everyone else working on already to build their resumes for next year?
  5. Just applied to 4 genetic counseling assistant jobs! Most of the jobs only require a bachelors degree but I could really use the clinical, medical office setting experience so I hope they don't dismiss my application for being overqualified. So fingers crossed! All positions would require a pretty big move but I think the experience would help next year with applications..
  6. Just from watching the round that is getting interviews now it might be difficult to coordinate because there is such variation as to when each school sends out interview invites. Some come in Jan are others are around now and into March. In a perfect world it would be easy and work out but I definitely wouldn't bank on it.
  7. Are you just looking for volunteering or specifically with a counseling aspect? I have LOVED volunteering with the Special Olympics for advocacy experience. I am in the same boat needing more formal counseling training but was accepted with the Crisis Text Line and am just waiting on my cohort to begin training! Look and see if there is a crisis phone bank in your area, there is a First Link in my city and its really more of a part time job, they do training and you actually get paid which would be nice if you had a flexible schedule. If you just want to volunteer more check out SO, they alway
  8. Here is the link for the Fall 2019 thread for anyone who has their sights set on next year already! https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/101155-genetic-counseling-fall-2019-applicants/
  9. Yes someone did suggest Crisis Text Line! I hadn't heard of it and have already signed up. Thanks for the tip!!
  10. Here is a link to a discord group that others have found helpful in communicating with people applying to the programs. https://discord.gg/QDHZy7S
  11. And so it begins, GC applicants for 2019! Welcome first time applicants, applicants who didn't get interviews, multiple cycle applicants, applicants who didn't matched, and basically everyone interested in genetic counseling. In such a competitive field I think there is no such thing as starting too early!
  12. I know it's SUPER early, but part of my coping process is to focus on the things I can control. Would anyone appreciate me starting a new Genetic Counseling 2019 thread? I feel like as more and more people know about the field and lurk on the thread there might be a lot of future applicants or returning applicants who missed this years application process or didn't get interviews (me lol) that want to talk about next year but don't want to bog down the excitement of all the people getting interviews and worrying about match still. Just an idea, some of us might not be mentally ready to start t
  13. I know there's four left I am just not putting all my hopes on them. My big weakness is lack of counseling experience. When I truly started looking into applying I was doing my Masters research full time on top of having another full time job and didn't have the time to commit 10 hours a week to working a suicide prevention phone bank for $8 an hr or committing to a year long contract with the rape and abuse crisis center (my husband is military and we might be moving soon). I still would rather not do that because I need to make real money but I'm not sure of what other options there are in
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