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  1. Match info for this round will be updated sometime in July! Hope everyone is having a happy summer thus far
  2. @JJGC I"m in a similar position! Some of the schools stated their policy on in-progress or planned courses on their website. For the ones that didn't, I reached out to ask them. Most of them were fine with in-progress courses so long as you told them in your app that they were in progress. One school told me I wouldn't be considered without a grade in a biochemistry class. Hope that helps!
  3. Thought about it @taharah but really liked the counseling aspect of being a GC. Is that a path you are thinking of?
  4. Sending you all good thoughts as match day approaches!
  5. Happy (almost) new year! Just curious, how do people respond when they ask about your future plans and you say you want to be a genetic counselor? I've had mostly people who don't know what that is, one person who told me that's a perfect job, and one person who told me I was crazy for not doing medical social work.
  6. Asking for a classmate: Any idea how the schools look at applicants with C/D/F grades in prerequisite courses?
  7. Decided to not apply this round but I wish everyone good luck. Please come back and tell us about your choices and thoughts!!
  8. There is a GC program in Cardiff? I had no idea! Thanks for passing on the note. I've always wanted to study in the UK!! Does anyone know if there would be any difference in a MS vs a Canadian or English MSc if you want to come back to work in the US?
  9. I hope everyone's Fall is getting off to a nice start! As people plan their apps, I just wanted to include this link: Accredited Programs: http://gceducation.org/Pages/Accredited-Programs.aspx Where are people planning to apply
  10. @HilmKayla does that mean they are accepting for this fall (2018) and will graduate in 2020 or won't accept anyone until fall 2020?
  11. Very interesting! I did some googling and found https://gmi.ucsf.edu/ucsf-programs/ which mentions a UCSF program but the link is broken...
  12. @HilmKayla, that is very disconcerting as CA does not have many programs. What have you heard??
  13. Hey all, how big of a role would you say your STEM grades played? Bio/Chem are definitely not my strong points. I know some schools have a 3.0 or B cutoff, but I was just curious. Was anyone accepted this round with a 2.8-3.1 STEM/BCMP gpa?
  14. Sending warm wishes to all who are figuring out ranks! Sending warm wishes to those who aren't ranking and will reapply!
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