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  1. I am getting ready to reapply for 2020, though I still need to retake my GRE. I think I’ll only do 2-3 schools this time around. I am also thinking of reapplying instead (or in addition) for fall 2021 or 2022, whichever year the University of Washington program starts.
  2. Did you consider counseling with Crisis Text Line? Its great because you can do it from anywhere after your online training. I am behind in this forum so someone else may have already suggested it.
  3. Thank you for reaching out to the director and sharing this helpful information. I may reach out like you suggested since I will be in Arizona in March...
  4. Hi there! Congratulations on your Rutgers and Sarah Lawrence interviews. I am also curious about Mount Sinai as I have applied there as well.
  5. I have just learned about this dual program ~ what an awesome opportunity! Congrats on your PhD interview, hope you get an interview for the GC program.
  6. Ha ha, isn't that the truth?! Congratulations on all of your interviews. Good luck!
  7. Hello Aspiring GC's! Its been several days so it took me almost an hour to catch up on all the recent posts! Congratulations to all of you who have been getting interview invitations! I will be happy if I get one or two more interview invitations this cycle ~ thrilled if I get up to four, but for now I am focusing on preparing for the one that I do have. I have my first mock interview scheduled. So far, interviewing has not been my strong suit, but I'll be doing what I can to change that. Suggestions from you great interviewers out there would be most welcome! Something that relaxes me while at the same time enriching my understanding of human genetics is reading. Thanks again to those of you who offered the great book suggestions, I am currently enjoying The Story Within: Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity by Amy Boesky. Cheers!
  8. Thank you! My date was just confirmed for 2/22. Looks like yours in the next week ~ good luck to us!
  9. This is great insight, sunT, thank you for offering your perspective. One question I remember being asked repeatedly last year was essentially, "Why do you want to be a genetic counselor?" In my case, it was more specifically, "Why do you want to leave your established career [in genomic research] to be a genetic counselor?", so I have been thinking of the best way to convey the answer to that question. I will have quite a bit more shadowing and advocacy experience to speak from after this last year, and I look forward to being able to draw from that as well this time around. It would be good for me to really think about what distinguishes me, aside from my magnetic personality, ha ha, because obviously that didn't quite do the trick last year!
  10. Congratulations to dragongc10, Brideir, and all of you who have received interview invitations! It seems most of my schools are sending out invitations a little later, so I'll be on pins and needles for awhile until I get (hope hope) that first invitation...
  11. Thank you, these sound like books I would enjoy! I enjoyed the book about specific genetic counselors and one of their patient's stories called Code Talkers.
  12. I can definitely empathize with your situation, since I was working full time last Spring during interview season. One of my interviews was in the middle of the week and I took Friday off to make it seem more like a mini vacation, and the other was on Monday, in a beautiful place where I also had family, so again, I took extra time off and was able to make a mini vacation of it. It was during an intensely busy time in my lab so I put in weekend time to meet my deadline before I left, and had made an outline showing how I would continue the work when I got back... I was lucky that my supervisor respected my plan and my privacy. But in general I would advise to try to have faith that it will all work out ~ people at may be less suspicious than you might think, and if you do get multiple interviews, all the more chance that you will be moving on!
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