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  1. BayPath hopefuls, it looks like they're sending out some calls now!
  2. Someone on the discord channel mentioned that they contacted SLC and that the final wave would be sent out the week of March 26th. The suspense!...
  3. Also for those of you who may be interested in east coast schools for Fall 2019, it looks like my alma mater, UCONN is shooting to have their program up and running by then: https://geneticcounseling.uconn.edu/
  4. I'm not sure where I heard it, but I think that the Boise program coordinates with clinical sites in the student's area. Not sure if they have pre-appointed ones picked out across the country or if they approach them when the time comes. Either way, I'm curious to see how it works for them!
  5. Hello all! @HSGC2017 and I managed to put together a discord server where we can all chat informally: https://discord.gg/Q4Nb8D5
  6. I've applied there. One of the GCs I shadowed said that they lost their accreditation a few years back and that other programs were able to absorb their students, luckily. Hopefully that doesn't happen again because I like what I've seen of their program.
  7. Oh that sounds awesome! I've never had the chance to do CMA myself, only ever seen it done in molecular labs so that's awesome. I'm glad to hear that your experiences in school helped fuel your path towards becoming a GC! That's a strong point to mention in interviews. Cytogenetics certainly can't hurt our chances! I hope.
  8. Ouch! Sometimes I think these schools like watching us squirm...
  9. Cyto is great! I'm not sure about the program you're in, but I went through the UCONN program which included a lot of clinical information on chromosomal syndromes and a course involving ethics and genetics. I think that going through a cyto/molecular program will definitely strengthen your application (at least I'm hoping!). At least for me, I feel like it gave me a lot of exposure into genetic testing as GCs will have to be familiar with the type of testing a cyto/ mol tech does. Currently I'm at Dartmouth. It's a smaller lab, but hospital labs usually are compared to commercial labs. One good thing about DH is that I was able to shadow 4 GCs relatively easily because I was already a hospital employee Have you gone on any rotations yet?
  10. Diagnostic Genetic people represent! I'm a Cytogenetics tech and one of my colleagues went through the MD Anderson program What's your concentration?
  11. Right? I was rejected from Brandeis the other week and got one of those automated emails from the Dean, no less. Not a fun way to start your morning!
  12. It looks like a lot of people already got their rejection/invitations from Brandeis last week. It might be worth it to shoot them an email about your application?
  13. I read "Heredity and Hope: The Case for Genetic Screening" during my undergrad and loved it! It gives some great real life examples where screening for genetic diseases have helped certain populations of people. Iirc you can pick it up pretty cheaply on Amazon.
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