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  1. I haven't heard anything yet and I reached out on Friday (Matched with Bay Path). Kind of disheartening when other people are hearing so quickly, but we will hear soon I'm sure! I don't think you emailing them will change when you hear from them, but if you want to show them your excitement, that's not a bad thing!
  2. @Blizzard When is your Bay Path skype interview? I'm wondering if they are starting interviews before giving the rest of us decisions.
  3. Congrats! Has anyone else heard anything from Baypath? Besides that they're on probation... lol
  4. You still have 4 schools to hear from! But that's an awesome attitude to have. Many of us are second time applicants and you will learn a lot about your application when you ask. I waited until the beginning of May to ask, when I applied two years ago. I decided not to apply last year because it often takes a long time to set up volunteer positions and shadowing (if that's where you lack like I did) and I'm glad I didn't rush it. Good luck on the rest of your schools!
  5. Many people on this thread applied to over 10 schools (You can see which schools in some of our signatures). I applied to 8 and some only applied to 1 or 2 based on location and the crazy costs that come with all of this.
  6. Looks like Sarah Lawrence interviews are rolling out.
  7. I applied on Decmeber 5th so rolling is possible!
  8. No, but seeing as they are calling I'd guess they won't get through all today.
  9. Just got a call from Rutgers about an interview! Good thing because I emailed Brandeis and they finally told me it was a no.
  10. Is anyone still waiting to hear from Brandeis? I got a generic email from the graduate school today and almost passed out. I just want to hear something from any of my schools!
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