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  1. I'd give them a couple of weeks so that they can get registrations for the matched student in. After that, I think they should have a bit more free time to talk. In the past, I've always e-mailed the program directors and they've either e-mailed me back my feedback directly or scheduled a time to talk to me on the phone.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. This application cycle has been a huge roller coaster for you. The competitiveness of this process is the craziest thing I've ever experienced. Don't give up! You will be an amazing genetic counselor some day!
  3. I don't think that older applicants means still under 30. I think of it more as not straight out of undergrad, which could mean any age really. There was a woman in her late 40s at my CSU interview and I'm not 100% sure but I think that a recent UBC graduate was in her late 30s. I think a lot of the programs look at life experience as a good thing. If you're an older applicant making a career change, then they also think that you are more likely to stay in the career because making a career change is difficult and you also have a little more experience to know what it is that you do and don't like in a job. I don't have any advice for you on which schools look at older applicants, but I wouldn't worry too much about your age.
  4. I did the same thing for CSU-Stan. I feel like if they pick you for the diversity track when you don't qualify, then isn't that kind of on them for ranking you wrong?
  5. I couldn't figure out how to edit the post (I think you might not be able to edit it if it's been quoted) so here's the proper link to the discord now: https://discord.gg/HDkRhH
  6. Welcome! If your interested in more of a conversational setting, we have a chat going on Discord that you can access here: https://discord .gg/cgErukr
  7. I received 3 e-mails saying that they won't say either way and 1 e-mail saying they'd rank me. The other 4 didn't e-mail anything. I'm hoping that just means they aren't telling people and not that they aren't ranking me.
  8. I don't think you're allowed to tell them where you're ranking them, just that you are ranking them. This is from the rules e-mail they sent out "Neither party may disclose to the other party or solicit from the other party any information regarding the positioning of any applicant or program on a Rank Order List. For example, you cannot say "I will rank you first on my list" or "You are in my top-3 choices"." I personally haven't told any program that I'm planning to rank them, but I do plan to rank all the programs I interviewed with.
  9. Thank you! This is why it's good to have this forum. Every year in the past it was on February 28th, and their website says "late February" so I was very confused.
  10. I think it's a nice touch, but I don't think it'll make or break your application.
  11. Seconding what @RBsister said. When getting feedback from a school I interviewed at last year I asked "how can I make sure I make it to the interview round next year?" and she said "For repeat applicants we want to see that you've done something to improve." So I geared my personal statement to really emphasize what I've done in the past year to try to improve my application. I feel in a bit of a similar boat. Toronto has rejected me 5 times now, and I haven't once even gotten to the interview phase. Last year they told me I was really close to getting an interview, but didn't quite make the cut-off and gave me feedback, which I applied. Yet, they've rejected me once again *sigh*. Just remember that even though this school didn't give you an interview this year, doesn't mean that you won't be a great Genetic Counselor in the future! (Sorry for all of the double negatives in that statement... trying to say that you can and will be a great GC one day!)
  12. I think you might have one of the first interview dates with them. I haven't interviewed with Rutgers yet, but I interviewed at other universities last year and I brought a notepad in to each of them and no one seemed to mind. The discord has a discussion channel with interview questions and tips. https://discord.gg/QDHZy7S
  13. McGill seems to always get back to people at the very end of February (as in February 28th). Toronto has already sent out interview invites, but hasn't sent out rejections yet.
  14. At the very top of the page under the "Grad Cafe" banner is a button that says "Results" you can click it and search for "Genetic Counseling" or even "Johns Hopkins Genetic Counseling"
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