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  1. Does anyone know if Sarah Lawrence takes resumes in the application? I do not see it as a required document online...I really hope they do, because my experiences definitely strengthen my application. I don't think I have enough space (2 pages?) to cover my extensive volunteer and work experience in just the personal statement.
  2. What makes an applicant competitive? I'm curious because I am very passionate about the field and I have a lot of volunteer experiences, but had gotten 0 interviews. The only problem is my cgpa which is a bit lower (3.3). Are there any programs in the states that puts more emphasis on experience vs grades when screening for candidates? This would be really helpful for me for when I apply again next cycle. Thanks!!
  3. Yes, I can definitely relate to this. I am 22 and applied straight out of a 5 year undergraduate program (additional year due to co-op) with over 2 years of genetics research, a paper published, genetic counselling assistant experience, over 1 year at a crisis line, peer counsellor at my university AND MORE, but I also got rejected. I was not even offered any interviews at the 4 Canadian Schools I applied to. It really sucks but all we can do at this point is stay positive, reach out to program directors and improve our application for next year. It is so common that qualified applicants do not gain admissions during their first round, so don't give up!
  4. Are you referring to the online application website ?
  5. It's odd that we haven't heard anything yet, I called them earlier (~11:30 am) and apparently they're all in a meeting today. So I'm assuming they're finalizing the interview offer decisions as we speak...hopefully we will hear back before the end of today. If not, I would certainly call the admission's office tomorrow.
  6. The admin assistant for the mcgill program said they're emailing interview offers March 5th! Don't stress out too much
  7. I am in the same boat, my ubc app says submitted still! Also, my manitoba application also says "complete. under review by the department"
  8. That's too bad I really wish they would send out the rejection letters around the same time as the interview invites, so applicants who haven't heard of anything aren't so hopeful. Well, I think I'm out this round then. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to strengthen their application for next round? I already have genetic research experience (over 2 years, with a paper published), have over a year of distressline listening (also did planned pregnancy volunteer work for 10 months) and I volunteered as a GC assistant for 5 months. I think my weakness is my GPA (3.3/3.4) which isn't something I can change at this point. I am feeling really discouraged because I haven't heard back from any of the schools I applied to (Manitoba, UBC, UofT and McGill). Do any of you guys have any suggestions, maybe something I can do during the year off?
  9. I know, I still haven't heard back from them, but I see that rejections were sent out today as well Not going to have high hopes.. Also, the program assistant from UBC told me they're still processing applications..does this mean that another wave of interview invites are going to be released?
  10. For anyone who hasn't heard back from manitoba or ubc, does it say on your student profile on the application website that you're not being offered an interview? I know they already sent out invites from both schools but I haven't heard back from them at all, not even a rejection letter...wasn't sure if anyone else is in the same boat. Just want some closure :\
  11. Do you think UBC is offering interviews on a rolling basis? I have not heard back from them yet!
  12. Does anyone know what the definitive dates are for interview offers at all the Canadian schools? I'm not sure if I should email the admissions committee to ask, I don't want to sound too impatient....even though I am haha, I can't stand this wait
  13. Hi guys! I am excited to say that I will be applying for the Fall 2018 cycle alongside you all! Although I am lacking in experience, I want to try applying anyways and see what my chances are! I've been lurking around the Fall 2017 forum and it has provided me with a lot of insight. I admire everyone's resilience. Let's all support one another for this coming cycle A little bit about me: 4th year Honours Biology student at University of Waterloo (Canada) with cGPA 3.3 (still have a year left of school) GRE: will write end of this August (currently studying, was wondering if you guys have any study guides you recommend? currently using Manhattan Prep and Kaplan) Volunteer: 3 years undergraduate research experience (mostly in plant and bacterial genetics)-worked in industry, academic and government settings, currently volunteering at a distressline and women's advocacy (pro life human rights organization), hopefully have a genetic counseling shadowing opportunity lined up for me in the Fall although I am being waitlsted I don't think my experience and grades are that amazing compared to a lot of student BIOs I have read, but after seeing the resilience of all the applicants, I am determined to at least try, I don't see any other career path for me other than genetic counseling and I am excited to share my application experience with you all !
  14. How much experience would you consider extensive? I currently have 8 months of distressline experience and women advocacy (supporting women with unexpected pregnancies and some social work), I do plan on continuing this indefinitely though
  15. Hi everyone! Congratulations on everyone who got accepted for this Fall 2017 cycle, I was just wondering what your cGPA was just to give myself an idea of what to aim for when I apply for Fall 2018. Thanks guys and best of luck to those on the waitlist!!
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