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  1. Come join us on Discord for up to date info on which schools have sent out interviews/rejections! https://discord.gg/7HFjFr5 Go to the #bot commands channel and type ?rank 2020 Applicant to be able to access all the channels. There's a #Resources page that has google docs where we update to track when schools are sending out, and of course everyone is talking about it in the discussion channels So far Minnesota, Emory, Sarah Lawrence, Ohio State, Columbia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Case Western, Augustana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Stanford have sent out interview invites!
  2. I believe @AspiringGC made a facebook page for everyone accepted this cycle. You might find some classmates there.
  3. Nope it was ISU. They have two spots. Arizona can't participate in the post-match process until they are accredited.
  4. I feel you @Blizzard. I had 5 interviews and no match, it really stings.
  5. The schools are only supposed to rank qualified individuals for each track, so if you don't qualify for a track they will not have ranked you for it and thus you would not be matched to it. This is assuming they did it correctly. If by some mistake they ranked you for a track they don't qualify you for, well the match results are binding so....
  6. No, you only rank programs that you interviewed at.
  7. @hfj23 They did get the approval to reduce out of state tuition by $20,000 total. The confirmed that the LEND track was removed because they couldn't say with 100% confidence that they would be able to provide the second year funding. Other than that I don't think there was any other financial info.
  8. @RayanM The University of Cincinnati has a current student who attended the Carnegie Mellon location in Quatar. They would be a good program to reach out to and could probably give you her contact information if you asked for it.
  9. For out of state students Ohio State is around $95k. They're trying to reduce the out of state tuition but it's not officially through yet.
  10. @guidingsunchan since you didn't receive any interviews you can opt out of the match.
  11. Anything above what you qualify for you have to find through other loan sources. Banks and credit cards or other private loans are options you will have to explore.
  12. It's called discord, here is the link: https://discord.gg/cgErukr edit: oops! Didn't see that SunT already posted it. Don't know how to delete ?
  13. I'm just creeping around here but I can give my 2 cents on this. Grad schools are pretty much just looking for anything above the 50-60th percentile. They say "successful" applicants have scores above the 70th percentile, but from my experience they really aren't that picky.
  14. @Lauren423 and @NicSL also forgot to mention that since it is also extremely common for applicants to have to apply 2-3 times before being accepted, that also naturally drives the average age up.
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