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  1. Hi all! I've been lurking around here for last year, knowing that I was planning to apply this year. I applied once when I first graduated from college, but was nowhere near a qualified applicant at the time. So this will be my second time applying. I'm an older applicant (late 20s) and know that my real downside to my application will be my bad GPA from undergrad (like 2.6 I think...it pains me to say it. I really screwed up as an 18-22 year old!). However, I've spent the last few years retaking some courses and taking new courses, and doing well in them. I also have background as a sexual assault crisis counselor and mental health case manager, and now I work as a research coordinator with a GC/PhD doing work on pharmacogenomics and return of results. Our second paper on PGx was just published yesterday, so that's exciting! I plan on retaking the GRE soon (first time scores were 164 V, 157 Q, 4.5 Writing but my scores expired!) and hopefully arranging further shadowing (have shadowed only prenatal GCs in the past). So glad this thread has started! I can't wait to watch all of our journeys unfold.
  2. It's awesome to see everyone getting interview offers on this thread! I hope to be in the same position next year. I was thinking, however, that if I get rejected, I may go for another masters degree while I wait to re-apply, since I think the real problem with my chances of acceptance will be my undergrad GPA. Has anyone else done this before? Or considering? What programs have you attended/looked into?
  3. I definitely second the recommendation of The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee. I also recommend Alex: The Life of a Child by Frank Deford-it's quite old now, but it is the story that initially ignited my passion for learning about and treating those with genetic disorders. Also, my GC PI boss recommended I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. I just finished it, and it was very good, especially if you have an interest in ethics around genetics, research, and minority communities.
  4. Did anyone see about the changes to the accredidation process for new GC programs? http://gceducation.org/Pages/Establishing-a-New-Program.aspx Thoughts? I was wondering how it would impact programs still waiting on accredidation this year but accepting applications (like Baylor). I'm also a bit bummed because it looks like there won't be (able to be) an excess of new programs next year when I apply, including the few that I was particularly excited about (WashU, University of Washington). Hope everyone's wrapping up their applications and earning some well-deserved R&R!
  5. I am planning small gifts (probably a few handmade ones!) and a handwritten note of appreciation!
  6. I feel you both-I've done coursework at 6 different schools and plan to apply to 10-ish programs next year! But on that note, I had contacted schools asking about re-applying a few years ago, and multiple programs told me to only send in transcripts for new coursework completed since the last application. So it might be worth reaching out to the programs you are applying to and asking about this, if you're a re-applicant!
  7. Thanks! I hope these would be acceptable to admissions committees-I will likely check with them before I start. I do really like the idea of going more at my own pace, and/or starting at an odd time (perhaps mid-semester)!
  8. Hi everyone-I'm running into a bit of trouble finding one of my last needed pre-reqs. I hope someone here can help! I'm looking for an online biochemistry course, for credit naturally, that I can take during the summer semester. I also need it to not require two semesters of organic chemistry as a pre-req (I've only taken one). Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen the Berkeley extension suggested, but I've also read some very negative reviews of that course. Thanks for any help!
  9. They changed their website address: https://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/education/clinical/graduate/grad/genetic-counseling
  10. From my understanding, a traditional Curriculum Vitae should have everything relevant on it-some will therefore end up being many pages (though probably not for recent grads and/or those without an extensive publication and/or presentation list). However, a lot of programs have specifications of what they want on their submitted CVs or resumes. I've even seen a few that want it limited to one page! So I think it is probably relevant to put what the program specifies, though I think putting work experience that is related to genetic counseling (or perhaps shows other traits or skills you want to highlight, like job consistency), could work. I personally would not put completely unrelated roles on there, especially without any obvious tie-in into GC. Edited to add: UBC was the program I was thinking of that limited their CV/resume to one page. Others might have limits or specifications as well, of course.
  11. So does anyone know anything about the programs listed as "affiliate" members on the GC Program Director's website? Are these schools and medical centers all considering opening programs? Do they become affiliate members very early in the process, or when they're seriously moving towards becoming a new program? There are a few there that I'd be really interested in attending if they opened a genetic counseling program in the coming years.
  12. Hi daisyhunter, This was also me when I last applied. I am trying to choose which programs to apply to with more thought this time too. AspiringGC had some good points on what to consider; I'd also add that I am considering not only location, cost, and rotations, but also my learning style. What I mean by this is some programs have larger cohorts (Northwestern, Sarah Lawrence), whereas most of the others have smaller cohorts. Some have more online classes, or classes taken with medical students. For me, I know what type of environment is more conducive to my success, so I'm trying to consider that as well. I was also advised not only to talk to program directors but also current and former students to get a sense of the "personality" of the program.
  13. I'm staying at the Red Roof Inn Columbus West Broad, which is a bit west of the city. Opposite end of where Nefelibata is staying, it looks like! Any ideas on where we could get dinner Friday evening? I've not been to Columbus. I also do not mind a bit of driving nearer to where you all are staying!
  14. Nice to see some others from this forum will be there! I am driving from Chicago, so I will likely be arriving on Friday around 4 pm. I was thinking either dinner on Friday or Saturday, if either of you (and anyone else) was interested and able to come!
  15. Is anyone else going to the Prospective Genetic Counselors Symposium next weekend in Columbus? I would be interested in grabbing dinner or lunch or coffee with anyone else who is! Let me know!
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