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  1. Rutgers, Sarah Lawrence, Arcadia, Thomas Jefferson, Mount Sinai, and Johns Hopkins ?
  2. Hey everyone! The genetic counselor I shadow just let me know about a Genetic Counselor Education Day that CHOP is hosting in Philly. It's $25, and goes from 8:30-3. Just thought I should share this with anyone in the area, I will be attending https://www.eventbrite.com/e/genetic-counselor-education-day-tickets-45041778171
  3. Hey! I applied to Sarah Lawrence last cycle and I believe they did ask for my resume. There was also plenty of space on the application to discuss your volunteer/shadow/work experiences in further detail. Most of the schools I applied to asked for a resume and had additional writing space. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey everyone! A little bummed that I just saw that this is a thing now!! I applied for the fall 2018 cycle to 5 schools all in Jersey, Philly, and NYC area but not even an interview So far I have shadowing hours with a cancer GC, experience working as a teacher assistant at a school for children with disabilities, and am finishing up my BS degree in biology this May. I was really hoping to get into grad school right away to avoid a gap year, but based off what I read on the 2018 form, it seems I need a lot more experience before re-applying!! I know I have to retake my GRE (141V, 144Q, 3W). I'm not the greatest at standardized testing, so any suggestions on how to improve my scores? I am also not sure how I should spend my gap year? I was thinking about applying for lab assistant jobs, but I'm really not sure what would be best to improve my application. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and so glad I found this forum for this application cycle!
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