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  1. Hey guys! For those of you who don't know, there is this great spot where a lot of current students and current applicants can chat online called Discord! It's an app and on the computer and there are so many resources for people like us who are applying to GC programs this fall. You can see a list of GC resources, see the list of people who can take in guests for application season, find out about when you will hear back, and so much more! I have been a part of the app for a little over a year now and I love it so much! All love here! Click on the link I've posted and you can join this awesome community if you haven't already! https://discord.gg/XRjE4p
  2. Is anyone going to apply to Vanderbilt's genetic counseling program? I know they are not accredited yet so there is some risk with them not getting it in time but I am still intrigued by their program and their location. What are your thoughts?
  3. Rutgers is hosting an open house on November 3rd from 10:30-1:00 to learn about their program! Lunch is provided! I am going and just wanted to share the information along! You can find more information and how to sign up on their website!
  4. How many schools would you think is a good amount to apply to? I know it can get expensive so I only want to apply to about four but also I feel like that may not be enough. I'm just worried about not getting in this time if I don't widen my application pool of who I want to apply to.
  5. I'm planning on applying to Rutgers, Thomas Jefferson, Arcadia and Cincinnati! Maybe Ohio State as well if the funds end up working out for me.
  6. Hey guys! So if you haven't heard already there's this second awesome group space for future genetic counselors to talk about everything from interviews, to every day life, to just meeting new people. If you haven't joined it yet, I'll post the link below but it is a lot of fun to just relax and meet more awesome people that could potentially be our future classmates and co-workers. https://discord.gg/WxD4AWK
  7. I love this already!! I have always been the person to get ahead early so I'm glad there's a forum for us already!
  8. Yes I think this would be great! I have decided to take a gap year and seeing all of the things in this thread is making me excited and nervous and I would love the opinions of our future Fall 2019 hopefuls. I say do it!
  9. Hey guys! Congrats on everyone who has already heard back from their colleges about getting interviews! That's totally awesome. I am a graduating senior but I am not applying until the Fall 2019 cycle. I was just wondering for anyone who maybe has heard back from Stanford, what's the likelihood of getting an interview? I have a 3.4 GPA and am involved a lot on campus and I would love to go to Stanford, but I don't know if I should waste my money and time applying if it is really hard to get into. Thinking about doing it anyway but some advice would be lovely!! Thanks guys!
  10. I'll be going! I'm probably driving up really early Saturday morning to stay for the seminar then head back to school when it's over at like noon
  11. So I was looking at a different thread and I found the website of the directors of the genetic counseling programs in the US and Canada and there are a bunch of programs that are listed as "affiliated members" so I'm wondering if that would open up more programs within the next few years! Has anyone heard about these other potential programs? (besides MGH and Columbia)
  12. So I'm looking on the National Match Website and I'm just a little confused when it has the certain tracks. Maybe I just haven't done enough research but for example, UAB had like five different tracks, one of them even saying that it is taking place in Vanderbilt, not UAB. What exactly does this mean? Would I apply for a certain track? And why is UAB not an option for one of the tracks? Just a little confused so thanks for your help!! Also, where the heck is LIU Post?!? Did they get their program taken away or am I just blind and couldn't find them on the list?
  13. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum and it has been awesome to see that I am not the only one who knows what a genetic counselor is! I was just wondering what a good number of schools to apply to would be? I am a very nervous person and want to apply to a lot because I feel like I would have a better chance of getting an interview because all of you guys have such wonderful resumes! I will graduate May 2018 but am taking a gap year just to kinda relax from school before starting a challenging masters program. I really want to find work as a GC assistant so if anyone has any tips on that I would love it! Also, I went to a genetic counseling seminar at Rutgers this past summer and it really got me interested in pediatrics. I know that all programs require you to take rotations in peds, prenatal and cancer but does anyone know if certain programs are more well known for peds than others? Any information you guys have I would love!!
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