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  1. Along the lines of the Rutgers post: The UAB program has a new Instagram and twitter to keep up with all that's going on within the program and learn more about it, Birmingham, and rotation sites both @ UABGCTP https://twitter.com/uabgctp https://instagram.com/uabgctp?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1ayutt33jilin
  2. I think from most people's understanding you can receive an e-mail anytime that morning (their goal is to have all of them out by 11am), BUT if you haven't gotten an e-mail yet you can log onto the match site and see your results at 12PM.
  3. I would see what the programs say after this cycle about your application! There are some schools who do have strict cutoffs for grades or use grades more heavily weighted to decide who to interview then to take them off the table at that point (like Ohio State). Some of it may just be the programs you're applying to (how many you're applying to, how many students they take etc). Because there are so few Canadian programs with very limited spots I'd imagine that it would be extremely competitive to get in (more so than normal). I would consider re-taking a few classes within the next year to boost your GPA, taking the GRE and applying to some US schools, and just applying to more schools in general 6-8 seems to be the best to increase your chances. You never know if maybe your personal statement or LORs weren't what the schools were looking for. If they have a space to give reason for areas that aren't as great on your app make sure to fill it out, you may even want to talk about it some in your personal statement (your choice!). It's extremely hard to know what programs are thinking! I would send a thank you e-mail right after your interview (later that day or max sometime the next day) that way they remember you still and your thank you note can just reinforce your interview. I think most people send to everyone they interviewed with, but at the very least to the director and assistant director.
  4. I was wondering if you were on the forum. I'm super impressed at the fact that you have your own podcast. How did that come about?? Its one of the podcasts I listen to while I'm at work.
  5. Arcadia: "Our admissions committee is still reviewing applications to the program, and we anticipate that all decision letters will be sent by March 15th" I think they are keeping people on waitlists for now (or possibly have another wave who knows), but have heard that they send out snail mail rejection letters. Basically unsure of what that means, but doesn't sound like you should them as a rejection 100% yet.
  6. As someone from Colorado Boulder rent is awful. You could look into moving somwhere else in the state where rent is cheaper and then on top of that you could get a job/volunteer/intern position with a GC I know there are a few in FoCo you could talk to about some kind of position and I’m sure there are some others around the state too. But FoCo would give you more of a college town/younger town feel but less expensive and possibly still have good resume building!
  7. Last Tuesday they said they were working through applications still and they would all be sent out within a week, so possibly another waive today? Otherwise no clue and have not heard any updated information since then.
  8. Based on last years forums the full sentence was "If and when all other things were equal between applicants, preference was given to applicants from areas of the country (USA) which are known to be underserved or have workforce needs." If anyone has a perfect application let them be the first to throw stones, but I know I have been second guessing every inch of my application since submitting. I don't think anyone needs an additional reminder of all of their insecurities going through this process, as mentioned it's stressful and we could all be considerate and use our empathy skills even before becoming GCs. Side note: Underserved/having workforce needs and money don't necessarily have any correlation.. trying to get more GC's in areas without them has nothing to do with being poor. There are families that travel for hours and hours to Omaha to see a GC because there aren't any in Western Nebraska and I'm sure that some of those same families make more farming than my parents did as an engineer and an accountant.
  9. Biggest factor should be the feel of the program, if I can see yourself there and get along with he faculty and current students, what the programs values are... I'm also giving some (but not a lot) of thought about the people you're interviewing with as they're looking for similar candidates and the people I'm interviewing with could be my classmates. Honestly based on what I've heard you'll know which schools you like and which you wont, and if it comes down to it and you honestly can't decide between which of two schools to rank higher/lower at that point it wont really matter if you truly like both of them equally. I'm also going to be looking at clinical experiences, what their focus is cancer/prenatal/pediatrics then if its an R1 school/psychosocial focus. Additionally anything that makes it unique, some schools have courses specific to the program, unique experiences, thesis projects, etc that you won't get at other programs you applied to (or maybe you will and that can be another point of comparison). Don't try to rank schools well just because you think they liked you and will rank you well. They try to match based on student preferences and you don't want to end up somewhere you aren't completely thrilled with!
  10. If anyone needs a room in Madison for interviews I've got one with 2 beds the night of March 2nd. There's no reason for me to have two beds for just me lf if someone else also needs a place to stay!
  11. They aren't confirming dates of people who have already been asked to interview until next week. So I would assume at that point they'll start telling people who maybe haven't been offered an interview yet.
  12. I'm also applying to UAB! It seems to not be as popular as some of the other schools, but I'm excited to hear back from them (sooner rather than later hopefully...)
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