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  1. This is the regular grad student loan, I think the interest rate is 4%-ish ? There is a graduate student PLUS loan that you are offered that helps with the remainder of tuition as well as living expenses; I think the amount offered in the student plus loan is dependent on your institution/what the cost of tuition is, but i'm not positive. The student plus loan, however, has a slightly higher interest rate (I think about 6-7%). All of these graduate student loans do accrue interest from the point of disbursement, just something to keep in mind. Everyone gets the money, though, so I wouldn't even stress about this at this point - people filled it out a couple of weeks prior to school starting and still got the money with no problems. Hope this helps some -- just something you don't need to stress about in the grand scheme of things at this point.
  2. This is something that is in their denial letter and it is something they are very open about. Likewise, this was something that was discussed in last year's forum as well. I am a current student (not at Augustana) so I also did not post this, but I think calling someone out like that is uncalled for and rude. It doesn't seem to me like their intention was to single out underserved populations. I know this is a highly-stressful time for EVERYONE, but please, let's all be considerate of one another.
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