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  1. I emailed them last Friday. I just got an email back yesterday that said to let them know if I still didn't hear by Monday. So I'm assuming they will email us some time this week, but if you don't hear by Monday, I would email them!
  2. Has anyone heard anything from Arcadia? They sent an email a few weeks ago saying they were still looking at applications and they would let everyone know by March 15th, but I haven't heard anything. I emailed them too, but no one has emailed back.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense! I have had similar questions at other interviews, just verbal, not written. I understand the benefits to a written component because they don't have to furiously scribble everything you say as they would for a verbal question, but it just seems stressful from my angle.
  4. My next interview has a written component... has anyone had this before? What's it like?
  5. I received a letter on February 20th that says where the interview will be and other general information, but not a specific schedule. It said that the interview will start at 8:30 am and run until 4-4:30 pm.
  6. I know a bunch of people have already responded to this, but I just want to give my two cents. I did have that same experience as you, and I agree with what everyone has said in response, but I just want to add that just because one school decides they don't want to interview you, it doesn't mean that another school won't think you're a great applicant. I didn't get an interview from two of the schools I interviewed with last year, but I did get another interview from the other two. Some schools emphasize one thing more than another, but that doesn't mean that you won't get in somewhere that emphasizes the traits you have. Good luck!
  7. I heard from Pittsburgh too! What day are you going?
  8. I can't say anything about the cost of travel because, obviously, that part sucks, but the part about not being their top choice, don't worry about that. Once you go into the interview, everyone is on level playing field. They wouldn't offer you an interview if they didn't like you. Everyone who gets an interview is qualified to be a genetic counselor, the interview is really to see if you fit with their program.
  9. @dragongc10 @KCGC @sunT Thanks for the advice! I was just starting to worry that I wouldn't have a gut feeling at any of the places because I really liked the first two and they are pretty similar in terms of curriculum. But I suppose that's good because then I would be happy to go to either place!
  10. For anyone that has interviews, do you know what kind of criteria you are going to use to rank them? Besides tuition and location?
  11. I am interviewing at Case this Friday too! I interviewed with them last year and it was pretty chill. They mostly asked questions about my resume and personal statement. I don't think there were any ethical or technical questions. The director is super nice. Are you going to the dinner on Thursday?
  12. I can sympathize. I thought the world of Minnesota's program before I was rejected. But honestly, all of the programs are really good! I haven't been to a program site that I was truly unhappy with, so keep your head up! I hope you interview at Northwestern, but even if you don't, wherever you end up will be a good school!
  13. Thanks for all the comments back, guys. It's good to hear it's a fairly common occurrence, because I freaked out thinking I had royally screwed up the interview last year. @Nefelibata they didn't get a feel for your personality? What does that even mean?
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