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  1. Some schools have Canadian students. You should contact them. The best thing to do is email the program coordinator and request to speak with international current students or alumni. They are very helpful in connecting you with them. For me, around 3 to 4 schools connected me with Indian alumni, and most of my other schools tried connecting me to current students from Canada or other countries.
  2. Is there anybody still waiting to hear from Pitt? If you are, then have you contacted Noel or the program leadership n gotten any response ?
  3. Oh! you have been asked that too. I agree with you about not liking this question. I really wouldn't want to be prompted to name the schools. Atleast I haven't been yet. It is definitely uncomfortable.
  4. I have had the same experience. I don't think the answer really matters, bcz whenever they ask us, they never seem to write the number down. I don't think we are compared to other applicants based on our answer of how many interviews we have. It's just a question that is personal yet definitely professional. They want to test our professionalism, so I suppose they don't want us to be all "chatty Kathy" with our patients and see if we can gracefully not give out personal details easily. Like some people might answer 5 interviews n go on to say that I applied to XYZ number and probably what the school names are or maybe how many they got last year n how many this year. Point is we should just simply answer whatever number it is n end the discussion there itself. N I think this year we have to be extra careful of the Match rules n not say things like "m ranking you number 1" or something as the continuation to that answer.
  5. I got a telephonic interview offer from Indiana University a few hours ago. I guess they sent it out now after finishing most of their in-person interviews. So if any of you are international applicants/applicants who cannot interview in-person - there is definitely still a chance! And maybe otherwise too! Point is don't give up on IU even if you haven't heard anything yet.
  6. I don't know if I m on their waitlist or not. I am hoping to hear though. Did you try asking for a Skype interview before declining the offer ?
  7. If anybody is waiting to hear from UBC, check your application portal. I just checked mine and the status said: "admission declined".
  8. Honestly I don't understand why you haven't heard from any schools yet. Let's hope you hear from the remaining two. The most important thing is your personal statement. Last year I had a personal statement which basically reiterated my work experiences, and about what I learned from them. But this year it is very different. I have spoken about how each experience means something for me personally. Your personal statement is a story of your connect with your work, academic and life experiences. They want to see that you are mature enough to reflect on each of your experiences and understand why you are here wanting to be a GC. They already know that you have gained a lot of skills from your work, they want to know about your personal growth. Luckily I found some really amazing current students of 2 programs who agreed to review my personal statement n I found one practicing GC to do it to. Their feedback was really helpful and I made a lot of changes based on their feedback. I even had it reviewed from my friends who don't belong to the science field. They had some great insights too. So I think you should also try to get feedback from multiple people from different walks of life. Another important factor is your recommendations - they are a proof of all the skills that you speak of in your resume ! So look into that too. I think if you don't waive your right to view the recommendations, you can ask the current schools to show you the letters and see if you feel you want to change one of your recommenders for next cycle. And don't give up hope yet. Maybe you will get an interview. You just need one interview to which you do justice and you get the admission.
  9. Next week. They are doing it in sets/batches so I think once every week for the next couple of weeks.
  10. I emailed Wisconsin and got a rejection a little while back and no email from Texas yet.
  11. Haha, I think you should savour the wait. Rejection is way worse!!! But I think you'll get all your interviews. So don't worry. ?
  12. Hey! Me too! Out of 11, 6 of the schools from previous cycle ofcourse knew & I mentioned it to the 5 new ones boldly. N I have the same situation right now - 1 interview from new and 1 from previous uni. (3 rejections as well ?)!
  13. Then I guess it's over for me. Congratulations to all who got interviews from Wisconsin! ? ?
  14. I woke up just now and checked. I don't have any email from Wisconsin. ? I hope it's not over yet. Although I did have a recommendation letter issue with them. One of my recommender couldn't upload his letter in their portal and so he emailed it to them but all of this happened after the deadline and after I brought it to his attention that his letter is not there. So I don't know if they even considered my application or not. ?
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