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  1. Same as above, if anyone is looking for a GCA position, my position in Washington DC will be opening up this summer, feel free to message me if you're interested!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm an applicant for 2018 but wanted to post this on here as well. I'm currently a GCA in DC for a great team and they wanted me to mention this on here since everyone is so qualified and motivated. They'll be searching for a new GCA (considering I get into grad school, fingers crossed!) but can't post anything on job sites until I officially resign. The hiring process can take some time so if you're interested or just want to talk to me about my experience as a GCA feel free to private message me!
  3. Has anyone interviewing at VCU received an interview schedule for the day of?
  4. I reached out last week to ask about that and they said they would let us know early this week
  5. They sent out some invites yesterday. I'm not sure if it's all of them though
  6. I spoke with someone from Stanislaus about an issue with my application and she said they're running a little behind and are hoping to send out interview invites sometime in mid-February with interview dates from mid-march to april
  7. Hi guys I just received email interview offer to Michigan so it looks like they’re sending them out today
  8. I contacted them and they said to ignore the letter, the university didn't realize the program was run through extended education and sent that out to people by mistake
  9. That's what I was wondering too. Like it might just be a generic letter they send everyone who applies to the university
  10. Has anyone set up an account with Stanislaus (after receiving a letter in mail) and have the status application incomplete because they're waiting on residency and tuition determination? I was under the impression we only had to send back the forms and letters if we were trying to claim California residency but otherwise you would be good
  11. I turned in my application on Dec 22nd and heard back yesterday 1/23
  12. Has anyone heard anything from Northwestern? I just got an email saying my app was "under review"
  13. Sorry if this question has already been asked, for people applying to Thomas Jefferson, when sending official transcripts it says to send them with "transcript matching form". Does anybody know where to find this?
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