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  1. This means that you applied for the fall semester. Good luck!
  2. Oh, I didn't know that; I was sure they haven't even looked at my application yet. I applied for their MA program in 2016 and ended up rejecting their offer, but now I don't remember if my status ever changed on the system during the application process. And congrats on your acceptance! Perhaps. I just wish the process was quicker!
  3. What is depressing is that they don't treat international students on an equal footing. One thing is a limited number of places for international students, which is totally common and fair; another — equal treatment of all applicants in the admission process. I actually emailed them, and they said they "aim to have responses sent out by the end of March." I guess by "responses" they pretty much mean "rejections" here?
  4. Same here. I applied in mid-January (PhD in Communication) and heard nothing from them. Although some domestic students have already been accepted, my application status is still "Preliminary review required", meaning they still haven't even started reviewing my application just because I'm an international student.
  5. Hi, have you heard anything from Carleton? What's your application status on Central?
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone heard anything from Carleton's PhD program in Communication?
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