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  1. My school does have an off-campus housing office where I can contact, I contacted them and haven't got any reply yet. I'll keep you guys updated if I find anything! Thanks very much!
  2. My school explicitly states that they don't have any more housing for grad students, that's why I have to look up and find off campus housing. I've never been in the situation so I'm quite nervous about it. Thank you guys so much for all the advice! They're definitely very helpful to me! Have a great day!
  3. Thanks for your response! Most places I've seen require me to stay for at least 9 months. I haven't asked them if I could stay for short term so that I can hunt for more permanent housing though. I'll give it a try and look out for options like that! Thanks~
  4. Hi guys, Right now I'm trying to find an apartment to attend grad school this Fall (2014) in the States. I'm browsing places on Craigslist and found some pretty good deal. But since I'm not there, I can't meet the landlord or the poster in person. Would Skype meeting suffice? And a whole other things I haven't had experience doing like: paying the deposit, check other fees such as water, electricity, waste, etc. Has anyone been in this situation before? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I got some questions regarding the decision I have to make, any advice or suggestion would be much appreciated, even personal experience! Thank you guys in advance! I was admitted at several schools, but school X offered me full funding to do PhD Computer Science, school Y - MS in Digital Media, after asked, told me that they would tell me if there's any assistantship available (which means no funding for this school yet). To clear it up, my goal is to get an industrial R&D job after I graduate and continue doing research on my interest, which is game-based learning
  6. Acceptance with no funding sucks... :(

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    2. justinmcummings


      sames here, but its better than not being accepted! :)

    3. spectastic


      it fucking sucks

    4. omegamarkxii


      Thanks guys..

  7. Thanks! I'm applying to a lot of places and it's all over the US really, I tried to find schools that can fit best with my interest! I hope this waiting season will be over soon! T___T Very nice to see everyone from different countries and gather on Gradcafe! ^^
  8. They did stated he had a very strong application though, I believe it is good news! (Don't quote me on that though... )
  9. Oh I see, UMass Amherst is a great school too, but of course not as great as your top choice! Thank you very much for sharing and congrats! ^^
  10. Hello! I'm from Hanoi and currently working as a programmer and thus study computer science, still in the stressful waiting process :D Looks like you're studying communication! Congrats to you for so many acceptances already! Have you made your decision?
  11. I don't like Glee at all, it's so boring to me (.__.")
  12. Hey PhDerp could you share what safety school(s) did reject you? It's okay if you don't feel comfortable telling ^.^
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