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  1. I can only share my experience, but for University of Wisconsin I was emailed saying that the department had recommended me to the graduate school and that I should wait to be officially admitted by them. About a day later the graduate school admitted me.
  2. It's still an engineering degree, they are going to look at all math, science, and engineering courses you took to evaluate your eligibility. You should google the cost of attendance for your schools, but just to compare it was around 82k for a masters in EE at Uminnesota and 120k at UMichigan. That's if you take loans for everything room, board, tuition, etc.. I think it its very unlikely you could count AP credit toward a masters. Ga tech was on your list and a good number of your question are sorta answered on their faq page, other schools should have them as well. http://www.isye.gatec
  3. Haha I don't know about that, but I'll have to start watching more college sports. My undergrad wasn't big on sports, but it looks like that's about to change with my new grad school :-)
  4. You have good GRE scores, are you hoping to get funding as well or are you prepared to pay for the masters with loans? For me personally I think economics to anything engineering seems like a large leap, I'm not positive though. Is this common for industrial engineering? Your GPA is on the low side for the top schools that you are looking at applying too, if there is a solid reason for it you could maybe explain that in your SOP. Anything is possible though, I had terrible GRE scores and I still got into a PhD program so best luck to you! Hopefully someone else can be more helpful on the speci
  5. I was suprised how competitive funding for my program is, even after being accepted :/
  6. Congratz winitheju! I can't wait to move . I can't help you out about roommates, but if you find an apartment complex you like you can ask them if they match roommates. I saw a couple of the smaller apartments near downtown have 3 bedroom shared each roommate with a separate lease. There is always craigslist, but that seems a little sketch for me. If I find anything I will post it here.
  7. Thank you @DorisDad for the information and everyone else that voted. After much consideration I decided I am going to go to UW - Madison! The more I research the university and Madison, the more and more excited I get about moving there! Congratz to everyone on their accomplishments, I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy if I didn't have thegradforum to talk all of this out. :-)
  8. I accepted my PhD via email Monday morning, but never got a reply...should I email to make sure they received it?

  9. Awesome! Thanks for the response, it confirms what I had been reading online. Looks like the right area for me :-)
  10. Hey all, Decided I am coming to Madison for my PhD in Electrical Engineering! I have started to look for housing has anyone heard good or bad things about the hilldale area, specifically the complexes off of sheboygan by the target?
  11. Is there any neighborhoods that anyone would not recommend? I am looking to live within 3 miles of the engineering buildings and so far I have found the park tower apartments in the hilldale area, seem affordable, quiet, and close to shopping.
  12. I'm from nothern California, about an hour south of lake Tahoe and did 3.5 years of my undergraduate in Flagstaff, AZ. Spent a good deal of my free time rock climbing (indoor gyms mostly), road bicycling, and hiking (mnts upwards of 7k ft). Got a good amount of snow at my undergrad for 4-5 months of the year. I know I won't find any mountains out that way, but any information you could provide about the cities, campuses, or general atmosphere would be awesome :-). Oh and I'm 23 and not a crazy wild party type if that helps. Oh and Ideally I wanted to move towards Seattle, but that didn't work
  13. Yup got the same rejection today too, I figured it would be, but they did wait very long
  14. Decision time, HELP!

  15. Hey guys I am trying to decided what to do, I have this posted in the Engineering section
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