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  1. University of Wisconsin - Madison, Math PhD
  2. I certainly can't type LaTeX well enough myself to do this, but I once had a TA in a math class that would come to lectures and take note in LaTeX of everything the teacher said and wrote. Pretty amazing.
  3. I don't think I'll have any money left for vodka. However, I think I heard that I will have keys to the building, so my plan is to come in after hours and huff cleaning supplies. Not exactly glamorous, but probably effective.
  4. enoksrd

    Getting more money?

    I received fellowship offers from four of the five schools that accepted me. Two two year fellowships, a one year fellowship, and a partial first year fellowship (3 TA contact hours instead of 4 during first year). I told all this to the fifth school, and asked for more money. I got nothing.
  5. Math Ph.D programs: UC Davis: $20k first year fellowship, followed by $1600/month TA. They would have thrown in a laptop computer. Not sure about make/model. UCSD: $17k first year on 37% TA and partial fellowship, followed by $1700/month TA. Health insurance and all fees would have been covered. U Maryland in College Park: $15k fellowship for first two years followed by scaled TA (depends on experience I think) between roughly $13k and $16k/year. I would have had to pay about $1k fees, and some undisclosed amount for insurance. Ohio State University: $21k first year fellowship, $18k second year fellowship, and then $1600/month TA. I think the fellowships covered fees. Not sure about insurance, or fees when on TA. U Wisconsin in Madison: $11k - $14k TA. Will climb to $12.5k - $15k after new contract goes through. I have to pay $666/year fees and $10-$20/month for insurance.
  6. I just accepted an offer for math Ph.D program U Wisconsin Madison. Right now 50% TA pays between $11,262 and $14,100 a year, although a new contract which would pay between $12,611 and $15,137 is being negotiated. I'll be starting on the $11,262 end of that range, and be paying about $666/year fees and $10-$20/month health insurance. Ohio State offered me two years of fellowship support at $21,000 and $18,00 respectively, followd by a few years of 50% TA at $1600/month. I think the cost of living is about the same in Columbus as it is in Madison, and I've convinced myself I can survive on the Wisconsin Stipend without going into debt. I feel kind of weird turning down the extra ~ $16,500 over the first two years, but I guess I am pretending that that isn't a lot of money, and I should go where I will be more happy living. What's the point? Yeah, the stipend that the thread starter mentioned kind of sucks, and so does the one I accepted. However, I think most places will pay you enough to survive; you just might ``survive'' more comfortably in some places more than others. Not to mention that I would have failed out of OSU after buying a fancy LCD projector with some of that extra money and then watching DVDs when I should have been studying
  7. enoksrd


    Could you say a little more about this? I thought we had to pay both state and federal income tax on the stipend. I hope you're right though, as it would be worth a few thousand dollars to me
  8. enoksrd


    I've just decided to attend UW Madison's math Ph.D program. I had a really hard time deciding, and in the end my second choice offer was from UCSD. I fear I will be wishing I chose UCSD come December or January
  9. I have lived in Portland and Eugene OR for many years and both are quite good for biking. There are many bike lanes and many people commute by bike, so drivers are used to seeing bikes on the road. It does rain a bit though, so you will probably want to buy some rain gear.
  10. enoksrd

    Eugene, OR

    Yes. I have been an undergraduate at the University of Oregon for five years. What do you want to know? I'll just throw out a few things that I would wonder about. It is a pretty good town for bikes. There are a lot of bike lanes and bike shops. You can live hear without a car without any trouble. In fact, two years ago I had a room mate that always drove to school. He had to leave 45 minutes early so he could drive around looking for a parking space, and I would leave 15 minutes before class and bike or ride the bus with no trouble. I don't really ride the bus enough to say if it is a good way to get around, but you do ride free with your student ID. There are some really good natural food stores that stock a bunch of vegetarian and vegan food, organic produce, and bulk food in bins. Also, there is farmer's market that is open more than half of the year, which is conveniently located down town. I think rent is pretty reasonable. Right now I live about 3 blocks from (the closest part, about 5-6 blocks from where I actually have classes) of campus and pay $365/month in a three bedroom apartment. I think it is not hard to find a place for $300 if you are a little farther from campus and have a room mate or two. I am not really sure what it costs to live alone, since the only year I lived alone I was in the dorms. The weather is okay. It doesn't get really cold or hot, but it seems to rain quite a bit. A block from campus there is a little strip of restaurants which includes Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Pizza, Healthy Eclectic (I don't know what to call it; pasta, burritos, omelets, etc, but with a lot of fresh ingredients), Bagels, Subs, and a Bakery. This is mostly $5-7.
  11. enoksrd

    Madison, WI

    I am considering U Wisconsin. I would be interested to hear anything people have to say about the city, and in particular, I would be interested to know what the cost of living is like. I have been offered TA support, which will be about $11,200 or $12,500, depending on whether or not the TAA nogotiate a raise. According to the grad school web site, this is a few thousand less than the estimated cost of living. What is the cost of living for grad students living there now? If you aren't picky, is there reasonably priced housing near campus? Also, I have been told it is a great bike city, but how does that work in the winter when its 10F and there is snow everywhere? Thanks!
  12. enoksrd

    Columbus, OH

    I am also considering OSU with no car. Right now I use a bike to get around, and I would be interested to know if this would work in Columbus. Also, are there farmer's markets or other natural food stores (e.g. co-ops) near the university? And what do you think of the public transportation?
  13. enoksrd

    San Diego, CA

    Alright, I am considering the math PhD program at UCSD. I would like to know if commuting by bike is possible (I don't want to get a car), if there are farmer's markets or other natural food stores (e.g. co-ops) in La Jolla, what the public transportation is like, and if it would be reasonable to live off of a TA salary (which should be about $1700/month). Please add anything you think might be of interest. The more the merrier. Thanks!
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