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  1. Not that I am biased or anything , but I'd definitly say an MPA. You can work in local, county, state, or federal government, non-profits, universities, consulting for the private sector, ect.
  2. This looks great! You're amazing for getting this going again.
  3. Did they tell you that you were rejected for that reason? I guess I can kind of understand, as I couldn't apply to a biology program with a history undergrad. It's not only the fact that I don't have a good background of biology, but I haven't been taught to think in those sort of terms. I've noticed that what I have gotten more so than anything from my undergrad degree is a different way of thinking and anaylzing things. You might be on the same page of thinking as far as humanities go, but there was no proof for them. Maybe you could take a few more humanity classes non-degree seeking and apply again next year? Have you thought about maybe applying to an envionmental policy program?
  4. Well, think more upfront and personal. You don't want to sound like you're reading from your SOP, but it's more of wanting to hear it from the horses' mouth without a word limit. They also want to see how you are in person probably and how you'll fit in to the department. I think the most important thing is to know yourself. Know why you're there and what you want to do, and give them a good idea of your personality. That way if you don't get in, at least you know it was based on probably not fitting in to their department (which would be good for you as well).
  5. Be sure to ask apartments for specials!!
  6. meridionale

    The Wall???

    http://thegradcafe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=662 If you were the one person who donated, tell me the email you donated from in a PM, and I will put it back up.
  7. I think you can probably expect the "big" ones - Why MPP? Career Goals? Why Here?
  8. Well, don't get me wrong. I recommend you fly out and find a place to live in May, but I recognize it's easier said than done. Most "main-stream" apartment complexes with an actual leasing office is more concerned with if you can pay rent than what you are like. What I really recommend is contacting current graduate students at the school you will be attending in the fall. Take their advice and opinions and apply it to some good internet research. I'm sure a lot of schools also have a section on their website for helping international students get more information about moving and what not. You can't trust a leasing agent (they want your money), but you can trust the opinions of current grads and your department.
  9. meridionale


    In Mississippi, it gets 100+ and add in about 80% humidity. HOT! We go strapless... :wink:
  10. Waitlists for apartments usually begin in March or April, but it's hard to actually get a straight answer of if there is 1 or 50 people on the waitlist, or if you will get an apartment. They will say something like "Oh, or waitlist is filling up, but you can probably get into one!" Who knows what that actually means. If you can't afford to come over and apartment hunt, then check out sites like rent.com and apartmentratings.com. Also seek out current graduate students online that go to your prospective school and ask them their opinions. I did all of this and found a general consensus of good places for grad students. Also call places and ask for specials, because usually prices are over stated online. If you do enough asking around and research, you shouldn't be too misguided or suprised when you finally do move and see what you got yourself into. If you are that concerned, try to find places with a 5-6 month lease so you can get out easily when Christmas rolls around. I wouldn't wait until you get here in August to find an apartment though. You might get lucky, but you'd probably have to take what you can get.
  11. meridionale


    Hahah! This conversation reminds me of last summer in London. They had a really hot summer, and our apartment flats didn't have A/C. There wasn't a lot of spending the night with other people because it was so hot (and in a group of 200, 20-22 year olds, that is very strange).
  12. Gah tell me about it!! When I was an undergrad at the beginning of my senior year, I had to wake up at 5:15am to go work out. I had panhellenic meetings, sorority meetings, senate meetings, exec meetings, class, office hours for greek life, order of omega work, and philanthropy work. If I didn't get up that early, I couldn't fit in a work out. And if I didn't work out, I would feel guilty about eating. I hate being a woman (well...sometimes ).
  13. You must have such a great body! I work out 5 days a week, but I love sweats, so I don't know how much good working out does.
  14. meridionale


    Do any of you enjoy cooking? I've started to get into it as I feel like I should as a woman raised in the south. I made a banana nut cake with sweet cream cheese icing from a recipe my grandmother passed on to me yesterday. Dang that thing was great! I was suprised at how well it turned out, but I am a pretty good baker. I want to learn how to grill and cook meat correctly.
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