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  1. JM

    Toronto, ON

    No worries. Feel free to shoot any more questions regarding neighbourhoods. Bienvennue au Canada!
  2. JM

    Toronto, ON

    No its definately not a crackhead neighbourhood, and I lived off campus and I am a female. I lived there when there was a rash on gun violence but thats all cleared up now. The media have found another neighbourhood to pick on. But your best bet is to live on campus in those Assinaboine Apartments or Passey Gardens. PAssey Gardens are really beautiful but a little expensive- my friend used to pay 900/month for duplex studio. Or you can share the assinaboine apartment with a roommate- those are nice as well. If you absolutely have to live off campus- pick between Fountainhead apartments and Four Winds Drive townhouse complexes, or even Murray Ross Parkway. DO NOT live at Sentinel. My ex bf once peed on the mail boxes when he got drunk- so you get the picture. And the LCBO on Keele closes at 6 pm whereas the one at Jane closes at 9pm. Just an FYI.
  3. JM

    Second Round????

    Killing me.
  4. JM

    Second Round????

    So I STILL haven't heard from the university I applied to. I called up today and asked and she said "We will be ending out second round today". The first round decisions were sent in April?May. What does that mean? :roll:
  5. Yeah I dont know what Pure Sciences means anymore. Back in university, my faculty was called pure and applied sciences, so I guess I would fall under applied sciences. Nonetheless, yeah I agree I am going to do ECON regardless.
  6. Godo point. They didnt have much economics but I had enough Statistics. Thanks for the pointer. I guess I can take a few economics courses and try again next year. Although I am really considering the Environmental Policy program.
  7. As for "pure sciences"- thats what the dude told me. I dont think computer science is pure hehe. As for internships and stuff- I mentioned all that in my resume and my statement of interest. And during my undergrad- I took a lot of courses for electives like history, political science, film and stuff specifically because I wanted my major to be more inter-disciplinary. And here is where I got screwed I think- the last two courses I took- one communications and one on Canadian Policy both didnt show up on my transcript and I did good on both. Oh well- you are right there could be a number of other reasons and maybe that schools not meant for me.
  8. Hey people- I am sorry if I came across as self righteous. But I guess if you do know what you want to do 100% by the end of your undergrad then I dont see a problem. But there are many people who always tell me "I know I wont to be in grad school but I am not sure which one". For them its a good idea to take a year off. I did my undergrad in computer science and I got hired by the Government right after, I thought I would do my MBA just cuz you know thats what everyone does. I took a few business courses and I realised its really not for me since I enjoyed working for the wgovernment. But its not till last year, I realised how much I really liked working in the Public Sector and decided to apply to public policy schools. Anyways my 0.02 and I am sorry if I offended anyone. PS: I am a "she"
  9. I am really interested in public policy and what not. To the point where in my free time, I read papers written by professors in India on agricultural sustainalbity etc. BUT I got rejected because my undegraduate was in pure sciences. Even though I did take social sciences courses and stuff. Why didnt the prof just kick me in the ass. I apologise for being so fucking smart. Padron my french.
  10. This is WHY people should ALWAYS take a YEAR or so off after undergrad to figure out what they want to do. I never recommend people jumpin straight to grad from undergrad. Sometimes it may not even be the right program for you (yeah even if its your dream school). Sorry I have no advise to offer as to what to do if I were you. Personally for me grad school is as big of a committment as marriage. Both last two years... just kidding
  11. JM

    still waiting...?!

    Hey everyone I just called the one university I havent heard from yet and she said they are still mailing out decisions and either way they would let us know- if we got in or not. Oh well we'll see- at this point iam torn from all sorts of rejections. Ugh.
  12. JM

    Toronto, ON

    Hi, I did my undergrad at York. 1000/month including rent is not enough. Unless you are renting for 500/month (good luck) but I lived close to York in the so called "crappy" neighbourhood. Everything was closeby etc.
  13. JM

    Grad School Interview

    Oh I thought I posted already. So basically my statement of iinterest but more broad? Thanks Meriodale
  14. JM

    Too old to re apply

    Hey people! Wow thanks for the replies! Very encouraging. Someone asked me what program I am applying for- Public Policy What have I been doing the past three years- Working for the Government but not in a very high profile job but thats how I got interested in Public Policy. I actually want to study it rather than be a spectator. I know people think I am a freak but I love politics esp Canadian. And yes I should have applied to more graduate schools. Ah well hopefully next year. And I really dont care about other people thinking I am too old. ITs just that my peers are all having babies and geting rings and all other stuff that doesnt really interest me.
  15. JM

    Grad School Interview

    Hi Public Policy people! I got an interview scheduled for this monday, I am taking a train 5 hours away. But what kind of questions can I expect? JM

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