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  1. iphi

    Berkeley, CA

    The shuttle does always run at convenient times (or at least it didn't a few years ago). Amtrak is your best option!
  2. I disagree with the other poster, and think that you should do it. They will also give you insider info (are they moving? retiring? not taking students? taking students to only study x and you study z?) and you can potentially save an otherwise wasted application fee. Plus, never dismiss the power of name recognition! eta: don't do this until the end of September!
  3. The PRAXIS is a joke, at least to those in my program (not sure if this is because the effectiveness of my program, but I kinda doubt it). I probably studied 15 hours total, and it was too much. I recommend going through the practice test online ($20 you get to take it 10 times) and seeing what your areas of weakness are and study them. Make sure you know important people and court cases and you'll be fine!
  4. Hi, school psych doc student here with similar research interests. My rankings would be: 1. UM 2. UConn 3. Rhode Island Not sure why you are getting a PhD if you just want to work in schools!
  5. You will be fine, you have the right background. Especially considering PsyDs are NOT research degrees (unlike a PhD) and you will likely be paying out of pocket.... that gives you a much better chance of being accepted.
  6. It's tough! And things happen... just do your best. Figure out what is most important to you, and if all else fails go with your gut!
  7. If it helps, where I go to school we send out PhD acceptances a whole 4-6 weeks before EdS. So don't sweat it too much!
  8. I was invited to a number of interviews and only one of them reimbursed travel expenses. When it came down to it that was the ONLY school which didn't have any funding for incoming students. Go figure!
  9. Here you go! This is the only one I know of.
  10. As someone who is organizing an interview day, I say DECLINE!!! Finding willing hosts is such a pain, and if you're local just go home! Save those precious spots for those who need it. Definitely go to the social event, but skip the actual overnight.
  11. Do you have the email address of any current students? If someone emailed me saying, "this person was nice to me and I wanted to say thanks, but didn't have her email" I would totally understand.
  12. I don't think either is professional enough. You could maybe get away with a simple sheath dress and sweater (and stockings!) but those are too fancy/flirty I think. You don't have to wear a suit, but nice dress pants and a professional looking top (no lace or frills) would be a much safer choice.
  13. I don't think the interview has anything to do with selectivity. The most prestigious school that accepted me did away with the interview. They said they did not think it was fair to interview only people who had the means to fly out to see the school, and that it biased their selection process so they made all final decisions without any interviews.
  14. I hope this is a troll. No, you can not wear jeans and a t-shirt to an interview and expect good results. Please wear a nice suit or skirt + top. In order to prepare look up sample interview questions and be prepared to discuss why you want to enter your field, attend that program specifically, and what your research interests/goals are.
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