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  1. You could look at US News and World Report's rankings. The only problem with the lists is some school psychology programs are in psychology departments, and others are in educational psych or other departments. I know MSU's School Psychology program is within Educational Psych (College of Education- Department of Counseling, Ed Psych and Special Ed), I'm not sure about Florida. It might give you an idea of how they compare to other programs though. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-education-schools/education-psychology-rankings?int=a11808&int=a06908
  2. I'm from Michigan originally but live in Colorado, so it's about 20 hours to move there. It's nice though because all of my family still lives in Michigan.
  3. I have! I'm going to Michigan State.
  4. I have accepted, but I didn't do it until I had the funding info.
  5. (1) None, I had 26k from my MA but paid it off and had a full ride undergrad. (2) I'm funded with tuition and stipend. (3) No debt, 5k savings. (4) 75k
  6. I applied to developmental and school psych PhD programs. In developmental, so far, I have an interview at the University of Miami. I also have an interview at Michigan State, @sdebelli, but it's school psych. Good luck everyone!
  7. I just heard from Tulane! Hope you did too, @Nolagirl!
  8. @Nolagirl I saw that too! Hopefully by tomorrow! @Melina91 I will be there! Did you get the invite from South Carolina? If so, do you mind saying if you received the email from the department or from your POI?
  9. @Nolagirl I applied to Tulane, also! I only have one interview (so far- fingers crossed), but I'm reading the research overviews of all of the professors and maybe a paper or two, and reviewing the emails we exchanged (POI and I). I go over potential questions in my head, and talk through difficult ones with my coworkers. Did you just apply to those two? Are you preparing?
  10. I just received my first interview invite, from MSU! Fingers crossed for everyone else!
  11. @DestinyS good luck! We only have one school in common, Syracuse.
  12. @iphi thank you! I've been a little obsessive about everything and looked up the dates they sent out last year. It looks like the first one could be December 14-16 from a school in the midwest. I'm sure if I get an interview, I will have a million questions. @Anxiousapplicant01 congratulations! I bet you feel great having an invite! Takes a little of the anxiety away! I'm wishing now I would have applied somewhere that sends out earlier invites, just for the sake of my sanity.
  13. I know there is another thread for this- but it's mostly talking about Ed.S/specialist, so I thought I would see if anyone had interest in talking school psych Ph.D. My applications are all in! I'm getting antsy waiting and would love to discuss concerns, interviews, etc. with other applicants. Where did everyone apply? Have you heard anything yet? What are your research interests?
  14. I was hoping someone could give me an opinion on whether I would be a competitive candidate for a developmental or developmental psychopathology PhD program. I'm especially interested in U Vanderbilt's program, where they have a lab focusing on developmental disabilities. I don't plan to apply until next year, but there wasn't a forum for that yet. I did apply for the same programs in 2008, the year I got my BA, but I wasn't admitted. The good: I have my bachelor's in psychology, with a 3.94 GPA and wrote an Honors thesis with original research in developmental psych. I also had biological research experience before that, and was the research assistant for a professor in a summer project in another country. I also did an internship at a youth treatment facility during another summer. After my bachelor's, I worked for a large hospital as a research assistant for 3 years and got my master's in special education (3.96 GPA). I have taught for a large school district for 4 years, in special education. I know I could get very supportive letters of recommendation from any of these experiences. The bad: I've never been published. I have been out of school for 6 years now. I need to retake the GRE (but I am not too nervous about getting a good score). Can anyone give me an honest opinion about my chances here? I'm afraid my lack of recent research experience and published work will be a detriment. Also, is there anything I could do to improve my chances? I would appreciate any feedback.
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