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  1. 2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    I finally feel like I can post on this thread having just finished the GRE! Where are you applying? I'm applying to four schools: New York Medical College, SUNY New Paltz, College of St. Rose and NYU on campus. Where are you from? NYC born and raised! What are your concerns? I'm worried that I'll get edged out by NYC competition and get rejected from all my schools! I have a back up plan for a reapplication year but I'd still like to start grad school sooner rather than later. I'm also feeling some floating anxiety about CSDCAS and deadlines. Cummulative GPA: 3.53, last 60: 4.0 Post-BA: 4.0 GRE: 162V 151Q still waiting on AWA Experience: Working on a research team on a classroom based literacy intervention, administering the CELF, PLS, and Woodcock to Pre-K and K, counselor for a selective mutism camp. Good luck everyone!!
  2. SUNY New Paltz listed their GRE and GPA of accepted students and the AWA range went from 3.0-5.0 so at least one person got in there with a 3.0!
  3. Hey all! My GRE is about a week away and I am in panic city. My practice tests have my quant score at a 147-153 and my verbal score at a 167-169. I'm wondering if my verbal can make up for what might be a quant score a little below 150. The rest of my application should be okay (hopefully) with a 3.53 undergrad and a 4.0 last 60 and 4.0 CSD along with unique, relevant experience, great LORs, great personal statements. I'm mainly looking at SUNY New Paltz (where I did my post ba) and New York Medical College. Any success stories/insights/words of advice are much, much appreciated.
  4. What's your day job?

    I second Pjeak's point! I'm working on a university research team. My job is to go around the city and meet with teachers to help them implement our PI's storytelling intervention. A few times a year, I go into all the classrooms and observe and administer language/self-reg assessments to the kids to see if the intervention has yielded any particularly positive outcomes. So it's not direct SLP work but I get to talk about how much I enjoy classroom-based intervention in underserved school communities! So don't be afraid to go for unconventional experience if it will mean something to you and give you something to talk about in your letter/interview.
  5. [email protected]

    Hey all! Can anyone currently in the program share their experiences a little bit? I understand that the classes are "live" but I'm wondering how exams work and how supported you feel in the program! Any information would be super helpful!
  6. Clinic dress code

    I definitely feel you on the pains of finding work clothes that aren't super pricy! I don't know if you have one near you but Burlington Coat Factory/Marshall's/TJ Maxx is where I get my work/clinic clothes! They have a lot of Calvin Klein and Tahari clothes super cheap (and even some comparable knockoffs). I'm not in grad school yet but at the lab, school visits, and observations, I usually go with slacks (ankle/capri cut for warmer days), close-toed shoes, and a top that's not jersey T-shirt material but also not necessarily button down either. I'd also say make use of cardigans as they immediately formal up an outfit!
  7. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows what reapplying to NYMC is like. Are applicants allowed to reapply the next cycle after being rejected? Do they have to explain how their application is improved now? Has anyone reapplied to NYMC successfully?
  8. [email protected]

    Does anyone know if [email protected] (online) offers the NYS Certificate for Teachers of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities?
  9. 2018 Applicants!

    One of my professors is from an online course so I asked her soon after the course was over if she would mind writing me letters because then she could jot down any impression of me while the course was still fresh in her mind. She said yes and I thanked her and told her I would be in touch over the summer with more details. I was thinking in late June I would send her a proper LOR email with my portfolio. I've always offered to drive up to the school to meet her in person and she hasn't said she needed me to yet but I'm going to offer again in June. My other professor is from my undergrad and I mentioned once last August that I'll be asking him for a letter and he was okay with it. I'm briefly working with him again in August so I figure it will be a nice chance to check up on him again, make sure he's still willing to write my letters, and make sure he got the LOR portfolio that I'm sending in June.
  10. 2018 Applicants!

    Hello! After so much lurking and researching on this forum, it's finally time for me to apply! I graduated from NYU last year with a BA in psych and since then I've been employed by my research team 1. coaching preschool teachers on our storytelling intervention, 2. administering classroom assessments to observe said teachers, and 3. administering language and self-regulation assessments with preschoolers to see how helpful the intervention is. I'm on my last post-BA course! Undergrad GPA: 3.53 (with post ba courses it's a 3.64 or something like that) Post BA GPA: 4.0 (27 credits) Last 60 units: 4.0 Applying to: NYU in person and online, TC Columbia, Kean, Montclair, College of St. Rose, LIU Brooklyn, SUNY New Paltz, New York Medical College, MGH, Emerson I'm so super duper stressed out about this process! I've been studying for the GRE a little and I feel so much less confident about the math than I do the verbal. It's so intimidating! :\ I've started using Magoosh after some unsuccessful (but super pricy) tutoring. I'm planning on taking it in September/October. Is this too late? It'll be my first time taking it. I'm just trying to balance my time between studying for the GRE, preparing my LOR portfolio, writing the personal statement, my last class, and work! Ahhh!
  11. LIU Brooklyn on Probation?

    Hey everyone! As I'm researching schools for my grad school spreadsheet, I notice that LIU Brooklyn's speech path program has been put on probation by the CAA. Here's what it says on the website: "The master’s of science program in speech -language pathology at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus has been placed on probation by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850, 800-498-2071 or 301-296-5700. A program on probation is not currently in full compliance with the accreditation standards. Programs on probation remain accredited but must demonstrate compliance with the standards within one year." What does this mean for people who are enrolled in the program or looking to apply? Is this going to impact getting one's CCC afterwards?
  12. 2017 Applicants Here!

    Oh man, that's a lot to deal with! If I were you, I'd probably try to stick out the rest of the application process and shadowing/observing. Keep applying because it's always good to have a back up plan! And while you're observing try to think about what it is about this field that you won't like and don't want. I think anything you can learn about yourself through your experiences (even if it's that you don't like what you're observing) is super helpful and worth learning. As someone who frequently wonders if big decisions are actually phases, I'd recommend writing down your thoughts so you can revisit them when you aren't feeling as intensely or forget why you were feeling a certain way. What process/schooling would you need to go through to pursue computational linguistics and research? Would it require pre-req classes? My heart goes out to you, friend. Life is stressful but you seem rather determined and resilient!
  13. Would this be a good letter of recommendation?

    Thanks for your answer! In terms of people from the SLP field, I have one practicing SLP who I'm interning/observing under and one last post-bacc semester to try to connect with a professor. It's possible that a professor from my 2016 summer semester could write for me but it was only a two month course and we haven't spoken since it ended. Sigh. Hopefully a 4.0 in my post-bacc shows how well-suited I am for this field! Does anyone think the SLP intern supervisor could be a better letter than the bio professor who reached out to me? Did anyone here get into a school without an SLP professor letter?
  14. Hey all! Just for reference, I have a 3.53 in my 1st BA (psychology), have yet to take the GRE, and a 4.0 in my post-bacc. I plan on apply to schools next year and matriculating in 2018. I've got experience administering language and self-regulation assessments to preschoolers for my language development research team and working with selectively mute kiddos. I currently started observing under an SLP who I also help with private practice management. For my letters, I have a psychology professor who taught me for a year, supervised my practicum with selectively mute children, and who gives me stella recommendations for everything I need. I can also ask the professor of my research team because she will have known me for over 2 years by the time I apply and she liked me enough to hire me after I graduated (but I was never in any of her classes so she can't speak for me academically). I don't really have a third letter thought out yet but in my online bio course (which is very discussion/written assignment heavy) my professor emailed me personally and told me what a fantastic student/writer I was and offered to write me a letter if I needed it. I was super surprised and her interest in me was really unexpected. I'm trying to decide whether to pick this bio professor for a letter or this SLP that I started observing/interning under? I was thinking maybe use the psych professor, bio professor, and research employer for schools that require two academic letters? Is it awful if I'm out of field with a post-bacc but no SLP professor letters? Thank you all for your time!
  15. Could I Get in This Year?

    Hey! I was really worried about not having enough experience too. I looked up some speech clinics/hospitals near me and sent them a really polite email asking about any available opportunities and a small elevator speech about myself. I think I ended up reaching out to four places. I didn't think I'd hear back from any but I did hear from one! I don't know if you've tried cold-contacting places but I don't think it could hurt as long as you're super polite, humble, and eager. Maybe try to find a place that mentions volunteers on their website? September is coming up and the school year is starting so lots of places will soon be swamped and needing help. Worth a shot! Oh also, the psychology/language development research team at my school has accepted students from outside the school as volunteers or research assistants. Maybe reach out to some schools near you to see if they need an extra set of hands at a lab. Again, super polite and eager! Either people will appreciate you taking the initiative or totally ignore you but I think it's worth putting yourself out there.