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  1. theominousfuture

    nothing from NYU?

    They sent out an email saying that they gave all decisions on Feb 28 but some students say they didn’t receive notice. I’d definitely reach out to them because you should have heard by now!
  2. theominousfuture

    Help Choosing?

    Hi there! I also got into these two schools and I just made my choice. I picked NYU (my alma mater)! Aside from super personal reasons (like living in NYC, wanting to work in NYC later in my career, the ability to keep working in my research lab at NYU, my inability to drive in and survive upstate weather haha), I think what cemented the choice for me was the courses that NYU offers. While I definitely want ample experience with medically fragile patients, I don't necessarily want it to be the star feature of my education. I like that NYU has a good spread of electives that can give me experience with speaking voice remediation/vocal performance, ASD, linguistically diverse populations, and children. I can appreciate how NYMC's breakneck speed gets you through the program super quickly (one of the reasons I applied) but I do like the opportunity to take different courses with different people and personalize my degree to my interests.
  3. theominousfuture

    Emailing for an application status update

    Maybe it would be helpful to find out if they sent out decisions yet? Perhaps you can call (or have a friend call) and see if they’ve sent out letters. If they have and you haven’t gotten anything, then I would go forward with emailing the admissions counselor. If they haven’t sent anything out, maybe find out when they plan on sending things out and wait until then.
  4. theominousfuture

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Also got my acceptance email to New York Medical College!
  5. theominousfuture

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Just got my acceptance email from NYU!!!
  6. theominousfuture

    Has anyone heard back from these NY schools?

    No worries! When I went to the NYMC open house, they said that they weren’t doing interviews. I also heard someone called and said they would be sending out letters towards the end of this week. Ahh!
  7. theominousfuture

    Has anyone heard back from these NY schools?

    I don’t think NYMC is doing interviews this year. Not sure about NYU either.
  8. theominousfuture

    Has anyone heard back from these NY schools?

    I haven’t heard back from NYMC or NYU yet but judging by threads from past years, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from NYMC until around March 14th or so.
  9. theominousfuture

    SUNY New Paltz Writing Sample

    So I just got an email now requiring an electronically proctored writing sample for SUNY New Paltz. It seems like it’s required for everyone. We need to sign up for a proctoring slot by tomorrow 2/27 noon and then do the sample in any 60 min period from Friday 3/2 at 6:30am to Monday 3/5 at 10:30pm. You don’t get to see the prompt until starting. I’m really surprised that they didn’t announce this sooner! It’s not even on the website in the application timeline. So if anyone applied to New Paltz, check your emails!
  10. theominousfuture

    What are these NY programs like?

    Thank you so much for your insight! I did my post-BA at New Paltz and I adored it. Glad to see they're just as supportive and knowledgeable at the grad level!
  11. Hello everyone! I’m just wondering if anyone who has experience with these schools could shed some light on what the SLP programs at New York Medical College, NYU, and SUNY New Paltz are like. Are you satisfied with placements, professors, training etc. Thank you!!
  12. Just in case anyone around this time is worried about verification. I submitted my transcripts and official gre a few months before my first deadline of 1/1. I submitted my first app ON 1/1 because it was an orange "complete" deadline. I submitted at 9pm and it said "received" then at 11:25pm it said "complete". This morning, 1/4 CSDCAS verified my application. Perhaps it helped that while I was inputting my coursework, I circled all my questions on the official (3) transcripts I was using, then called CSDCAS and had someone pull up my transcript on their side, and asked them very specific questions (for some questions I even called a couple of times to confirm information, CSDCAS has been on speed dial for months). So definitely not 4 weeks for me, and even less than 4 days. DON'T BE AN IDIOT LIKE ME AND SUBMIT THINGS LATE (but also if you are, maybe things won't go terribly, irreversibly wrong?) Just thought I'd offer my experience in the ongoing survey of CSDCAS turnover time.
  13. theominousfuture

    Online science courses

    Oh sorry it's been forever since I've been on here. The class was really great! Pretty easy too (mostly just rote memorization and being a thoughtful participant in discussions)! You could tell it was made for people who weren't bio majors. I highly highly recommend it.
  14. theominousfuture

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    I finally feel like I can post on this thread having just finished the GRE! Where are you applying? I'm applying to four schools: New York Medical College, SUNY New Paltz, College of St. Rose and NYU on campus. Where are you from? NYC born and raised! What are your concerns? I'm worried that I'll get edged out by NYC competition and get rejected from all my schools! I have a back up plan for a reapplication year but I'd still like to start grad school sooner rather than later. I'm also feeling some floating anxiety about CSDCAS and deadlines. Cummulative GPA: 3.53, last 60: 4.0 Post-BA: 4.0 GRE: 162V 151Q still waiting on AWA Experience: Working on a research team on a classroom based literacy intervention, administering the CELF, PLS, and Woodcock to Pre-K and K, counselor for a selective mutism camp. Good luck everyone!!
  15. SUNY New Paltz listed their GRE and GPA of accepted students and the AWA range went from 3.0-5.0 so at least one person got in there with a 3.0!

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