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  1. There's a thread about this on the main SLP page. You can totally put down a deposit and rescind, you'll just lose your deposit. You can call your dream school and ask when the latest is you would hear back.
  2. Call and ask when's the latest you'd hear back. Some waitlists are rolling until the first week of class, and some end in June.
  3. Could you find a roommate in your program through your school's FB page?
  4. Look up the drop periods for summer classes- normally they're within the first week. IMO it'd be better to have a partial loss (of money) if you register for all the classes you need and then drop some classes late after figuring out which school you're going to. Are any of the waitlists ranked? Best of luck!
  5. You should call the school! They'll be able to tell you what's going on (hopefully). Crossing my fingers for you!
  6. I've gotten packages from my reject schools. It could be that they're planning to accept you, but it could also be approved federal loan packages.
  7. No, but I know there's a pretty big Facebook group for USU online. They might be able to help more.
  8. I think a lot of those are online at USU. It's super easy to apply to take classes there- it takes 20 minutes and I heard back 2 days after with acceptance (which I think is automatic)
  9. I feel weird even posting this, because I might be jinxing myself, but I'm #2 at a very popular program (and my top choice). I've only gotten into one school, and it'll cost $80-90K in loans (I applied because sometimes they have financial aid packages for former civil servants- didn't get one). I'm leaning towards turning them down and hoping on the waitlist while I search for SLPA jobs. Does this make sense? What would you do?
  10. If it makes you feel better, I'm fairly sure I'm going to turn down my UoP acceptance. I just don't know if I can handle the $80K tuition.
  11. No one I know has heard from Texas State either. A lot of my cohort applied there. Hopefully we both get good news!
  12. I live in NW Austin right now. Round Rock is definitely not a college town. I think there's plenty to do there, but it's not somewhere to go bar hopping. While it's more conservative and religious than Austin, it's starting to expand its art and craft beer scene. I'm from Houston and IMO Round Rock is more like the Clear Lake area than downtown. I think you could live in north Austin and commute if you wanted. Most programs have class a few days a week.
  13. That's probably something you should call the school about.
  14. Since you graduated recently, is there any way you could contact career services? I still had full support for 12 months after graduating. They may have more resources and advice.
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