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  1. I didn't see this until now, but wow! I am so thankful I didn't go to this program!!! I am extremely happy with the program that I ended up choosing and feel like it's the perfect fit! I hope others see this and know to steer clear of that program!
  2. Unfortunately SLPs don't make THAT much money, so honestly (even though it'll be hard to do so), you should wait until next year. It won't hurt your chances to have a year off! I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and taught English abroad for two years and believe this is partly why I was accepted to various schools. I also think that this experience (and the fact that I'm older than most in my cohort will be in grad school) will give me a different perspective! You should definitely find something related and work for a year and try applying again that's what I would do in this situation!!
  3. @TheScienceHoney thank you for all of the great info! That's a great list of places to check out, so I will definitely look into those restaurants/bars/coffee shops. I live only two hours away to I'm pretty familiar with St. Louis, but wasn't too familiar with CWE. The only thing that I am worried about is the parking situation. I found an apt already and they said they have a wait list for their garage, which I heard was only one floor or something like that, so idk if I would even get a spot. I will probably add my name though cause driving around for 20 minutes is probably the last thing I'
  4. @TheScienceHoney I saw you live in CWE. I just found an apt in the CWE and would just like to know a little more. I have already visited the place and the apt is great and the location seems to be pretty awesome! Can you tell me about what it's like to live there, favorite restaurants, parking (my apt said that most people park on the street which seems like a pain), culture/nightlife/etc?
  5. @MRF3 hey I private messaged you I don't think there is a fb group yet though :/
  6. I saw some other states have threads like this, but haven't seen anything for any programs in Missouri (according to ASHA edfind there are 9 SLP schools in MO!). This can be a place to discuss acceptances, waitlists, decisions, and things like cost of living, apt search, etc
  7. Have you had the opportunity to visit your schools and get a better sense of what they're like? Yeah, I was actually accepted into four schools. I like Fontbonne because it's relatively close to where my family is (2 hours away) and because it seems like a really nice school. Also, anytime I've sent them an email they always respond pretty quickly and have answered all of my questions! They've been super nice and supportive the clinic there is pretty updated too, which I like
  8. @Carly Rae Jepsen I won't be going to WashU, but I am planning on Fontbonne which is literally down the street. I'm also looking for housing, so definitely want to follow this thread to see if anyone has tips
  9. Hey, I have been accepted to Fontbonne as well! Have you made a decision yet? I've been looking to connect with someone who might be going to Fontbonne
  10. @Jordyn_M463 Yeah it is super stressful! The programs I was accepted into didn't offer me a Graduate Assistantship, but thankfully the school I've decided to go to has a really great scholarship they offered me. This however doesn't provide me with a stipend so I need to find a small part-time job. But making minimum wage isn't enough to pay for an apt, so I'm stuck right about now. Considering finding a roommate, but scared it'll end up being some type of psycho lol. Yeah, a small job like that would be nice. Those are good suggestions.
  11. How are you all planning on affording living expenses? What type of job will you try to get to offset some of these costs? Are you going to use student loans to cover these expenses? I don't want to do that, but it looks like I might have to :/ Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. It depends on the program. Some programs encourage it, whereas other programs do not. You can email the program and ask! I did that a few times and some programs said they love having others attend and other programs just straight up said no. It's best to ask to make sure
  13. Okay, I will definitely look at Central West End then. After looking at pictures it looks pretty nice. That's a good idea! I will probably go around next week looking at places since it's spring break.
  14. Okay, I will check that out. I've been doing so many apt searches and just trying to find the best option out there with a short commute.
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