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  1. Hi, I'm curious how you found out about the webinar. Was it for accepted students only? I applied but still haven't heard anything. Would love to learn more about the program.
  2. Thanks for the good wishes and congrats on your acceptance! Sorry to hear the one school didn't work out but I do have a feeling (at least a hope) that the schools that choose us know we are a good match for them. Good luck to you!
  3. That can definitely work! All depends when they notify me (one school said as late as June 31, and I've heard of people hearing in July) but this is a good start! Thanks!
  4. I'm currently wait-listed at 4 schools (no acceptances yet). Each school I applied to had most of the same prereqs and then a few outliers. It looks like I won't know where I'm going until after summer registration starts, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to know what classes to take over the summer. It will kill me if I end up getting accepted off a wait list and don't have all the prereqs done, but at the same time, how am I supposed to take every single class that every school requires? My bachelor's is in another field, and the post-ba program I'm taking doesn't even offer a lot of the classes. Is anyone else in this kind of situation? How are you approaching it?
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