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Wait listed and waiting to register for pre-reqs

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I'm currently wait-listed at 4 schools (no acceptances yet). Each school I applied to had most of the same prereqs and then a few outliers. It looks like I won't know where I'm going until after summer registration starts, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to know what classes to take over the summer. It will kill me if I end up getting accepted off a wait list and don't have all the prereqs done, but at the same time, how am I supposed to take every single class that every school requires? My bachelor's is in another field, and the post-ba program I'm taking doesn't even offer a lot of the classes. Is anyone else in this kind of situation? How are you approaching it?

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Look up the drop periods for summer classes- normally they're within the first week. IMO it'd be better to have a partial loss (of money) if you register for all the classes you need and then drop some classes late after figuring out which school you're going to. Are any of the waitlists ranked? Best of luck!

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